Prime Minister Prayuth's lucky rings

Prime Minister Prayuth's lucky rings

The general has a collection of auspicious rings which he changes from day-to-day to suit the tasks he is performing.

Gen Prayuth changes his rings from day-to-day to suit the tasks he is performing.


PM Prayuth's lucky rings

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has a collection of auspicious rings which he changes from day-to-day to suit the tasks he is performing.

"The four rings are named Wan-Phra, Wan-Namoh, Wan-Sondej, Wan-Noppakao. When I wear my [army] uniform I have to move them to my left hand, because wearing them on the right hand makes it hard to salute," he said.

One of the rings, the Noppakao ring, is a well-known style of ring with nine gemstones.

The general also wears a bracelet made from the hair of an elephant tail to protect him from bad luck.

He explained to reporters about his rings and a bracelet that he has worn for a long time due to traditional mystic and religious beliefs.

Prime Minister Prayuth has decided to wear the traditional phra rajathan Thai silk shirt for meetings, a style of shirt first popularised by Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda.

He has also instructed cabinet members to dress in the phra rajathan silk shirt for meetings, instead of formal Western suits.

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  • auspicious: (opposite: inauspicious) suggesting a positive and successful future - ที่มีฤกษ์ดี
  • belief (noun): something that you think is true - ความเชื่อ
  • bracelet: a piece of jewellery which is worn around the wrist or arm - กำไลข้อมือ
  • cabinet member: a member of the group of government ministers who make and approve government policy - รัฐมนตรี
  • collection (noun): a group of objects, often of the same sort, that have been collected (gathered together over period of time) - สิ่งของที่รวบรวมไว้, การสะสม การเก็บรวบรวม
  • formal: official; following an agreed or official way of doing things - เป็นพิธี,ตามแบบ,ตามระเบียบ
  • gemstone: a precious stone such as a diamond or rub that has been specially cut and polished so it can be worn as jewelry - เพชรพลอยที่ยังไม่เจียรไน
  • instruct (verb): to tell somebody to do something, especially in a formal or official way - สั่ง
  • mystic: having spiritual powers or qualities that are difficult to understand or to explain - ลึกลับ, เกี่ยวกับเวทมนตร์
  • perform: to put on a show for people, e.g., singing, playing a sport, etc - แสดง
  • perform a duty: to do what your job requires - ปฏิบัติหน้าที่
  • popularise (verb): to make a lot of people know about something and enjoy it - ทำให้เป็นที่นิยม
  • Privy Council: the group of appointed advisors to the King of Thailand - สภาองคมนตรีไทย
  • salute: a formal signal make to show respect to someone, in this case, the firing of 21 guns - ยิงสลุต
  • silk: a type of fine smooth cloth made from silk thread - ผ้าไหม
  • suit: to be right or good for somebody/something - เหมาะกับ
  • task: something that you have to do - งาน, หน้าที่; ภารกิจ
  • traditional: things (buildings, clothes, music, customs, etc.) that have been part of a country or society for a long time - แบบดั้งเดิม, เป็นประเพณี
  • uniform: the special set of clothes worn by all members of an organisation or a group at work, or by children at school - เครื่องแบบ
  • well-known (adj.): famous, everyone knows about it - ซึ่งมีชื่อเสียง, ซึ่งเป็นที่รู้จักกันดี, เป็นที่รู้จัก, เลื่องลือ
  • Western: countries such as the US, Europe and Australia -
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