Taxi fares go up in Bangkok Saturday

Taxi fares go up in Bangkok Saturday

Starting today, passengers will have to pay higher taxi fares in the Bangkok area, with the Transport Ministry approving an increase of 8%, later rising to 13%.

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Unless they are going a very short distance, today's ride will likely be more expensive than yesterday's. PORNPROM SATRABHAYA

Friday, December 19: This story has been updated:

Taxi fares go up in Bangkok Saturday

Amornrat Mahitthirook

Starting on Saturday, passengers will have to pay higher taxi fares in the Bangkok area, with the Transport Ministry approving an increase of 8%, later rising to 13%.

The 35-baht flagfall remains unchanged.

Fare meters must be officially adjusted before the driver can charge the new rates.

The rise was originally scheduled to take effect on Dec 1, but was postponed to Dec 13 because 85% of cabs were required to pass inspection at the Land Transport Ministry.

Transport Minister Prajin Juntong signed an order on Dec 4 voiding the June 18, 2008 announcement on taxi-meter  fares, and approved the hike. Fares for cabs carrying up to seven passengers are increased to reflect actual costs.

All taxis must undergo a safety check before their metres are adjusted, a process that should be finished by December 20. PATIPAT JANTHONG

There are two phases of the increase.

In the first six months, starting on Saturday, the rise is limited to 8%. After this period, the ministry will allow for increases to a maximum of 13% above the current fare after taxi services are further evaluated.

The distance calculated for the new fares was reduced to every 10 kilometres, from 12 kilometres.  The flagfall and the first kilometre is capped at the same rate of 35 baht.

Under the new rate, taxi fares are 35 baht for 0-1 km, 5.50 baht for each of the next 10 kilometres, 6.50 baht each for the 10th to 20th kilometres, 7.50 baht each for the 20th to 40th kilometres, 8 baht each for the 40th to 60th kilometres, 9 baht each for the 60th to 80th kilometres and 10.50 baht each above 80  kilometres.

In the event a taxi is caught in a traffic jam and is forced to stop or move at less  than 6 kilometres per hour, there is an increase of 50 satang from the previous 1.50 baht to 2 baht per minute.

Passengers will have to pay a surcharge of 20 baht if they use taxi services from a call centre, and a 50 baht surcharge when catching a cab at designated areas at Don Mueang Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Jirut Wisarnjit, deputy chief of the Department of Land Transport, confirmed the fare hike had been published in the Royal Gazette and was effective from Dec 13.

However, taxis would not be able to charge the new fares until their meters were adjusted and certified by the department.

This would happen gradually over the next week  and all cabs would be using the higher fares from Dec 20, said Mr Jirut.

The department is issuing stickers to taxis that pass the tests, he said.

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  • actual: real; existing in fact - จริง
  • adjust: to change something slightly, especially to make it more correct, effective, or suitable - ปรับ
  • approve: to give official permission - อนุมัต
  • calculate: to discover a number or amount using  mathematics - คำนวน
  • call centre (noun): a place there workers answer telephone calls for other people and companies and provide information, perform some task or transfer the call -
  • cap: to have an upper limit; to have an upper limit on an amount of money that can be spent or borrowed - มีขีดสูงสุด
  • certified: having a document confirming that someone or something meets a necessary standard - ที่มีการรับรอง
  • confirm (verb): to state or show that something is definitely true or correct, especially by providing evidence - ยืนยัน
  • current: of the present time - ปัจจุบัน
  • deputy: a person whose rank is immediately below that of the leader of an organisation - รอง
  • designated: marked, separated, or given a name for a particular purpose - ถูกกำหนด
  • effective: officially begun to be used ; to take effect - มีผล
  • evaluate: to form an opinion of the amount, value or quality of something after thinking about it carefully - ประเมินผล, ประเมินค่า
  • fare: the money that you pay for a journey - ค่าโดยสาร
  • flagfall (noun): the starting point of a taxi journey, when the metre begins tracking distance and price - จุดเริ่มต้นของการเดินทางของรถแท็กซี่
  • gradually: slowly and in small stages or amounts - อย่างทีละน้อย
  • hike: an increase - การเพิ่มสูงขึ้น
  • in the event: if; if something happens - ถ้ามีบางสิ่งเกิดขึ้น
  • inspection: an official process of checking that things are in the correct condition or that people are doing what they should - การตรวจสอบตรวจตรา
  • issue: to officially give out - ออก
  • limited: stopped from increasing beyond a particular amount or level - ถูกจำกัด
  • maximum: the most possible - ที่สูงสุด ที่มากที่สุด
  • originally: the situation that existed at the beginning of a particular period or activity, especially before something was changed - อย่างเป็นอันแรก, โดยแรกเริ่ม
  • phase: a particular period of time during the development of something - ตอน, ขั้นตอน, ช่วง, ระยะ
  • postponed: delayed; decided that something will be done at a later time - เลื่อนออกไป
  • process: a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result - แนวทางปฏิบัติ, กระบวน, วิธีการ
  • publish: to make something available to the public through books, magazines, the Internet, etc. - เผยแพร่, จัดพิมพ์
  • rate: an amount of money that is paid or charged - ราคา, อัตรา
  • reflect: to show - สะท้อน แสดงถึง
  • royal gazette: a royal publication begun in 1858 by King Mongkut (Rama IV) as the official way of announcing news laws, decrees, ministerial proclamations, etc. - ราชกิจจานุเบกษา
  • scheduled: planned to happen at a particular time or day - ตามตารางเวลา
  • sticker: a sticky label (paper, plastic, etc.) with a picture or message on it, that you stick onto something - สติ๊กเกอร์
  • surcharge (noun): an extra amount of money you must pay; an added charge - เก็บเงินเพิ่ม, คิดเงินเพิ่ม
  • traffic jam: roads that are very crowded with vehicles - รถติด
  • transport: moving people or things from one place to another - การขนส่ง
  • Transport Minister (noun): The government minister who heads the Ministry of Transport - รัฐมนตรีว่าการกระทรวงคมนาคม

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