If top dogs were like sports superstars....

If top dogs were like sports superstars....

Dogs competing at largest dog show in world (Crufts in UK) answer questions from reporters as if they were pro athletes, in different UK & European accents.


Dog show press conference with dog athletes

In this parody or spoof of a press conference for the animal competitors at the annual Crufts dog show in the UK, the largest dog show in the world. The reporters ask the dogs questions and the dogs give human-like answers that reveal their true dog character, however, using accents from different parts of the UK & Europe.

Can you spot the different accents that the dogs use?

Can you identify the breed of each dog? 

Can you identify the flags on each dog's name card?


[The dog named Rufus Swashbuckler, an obedience champion, is the first to answer questions]

Reporter: Rufus, over here..

Reporter: Rufus, welcome to Crufts.

Reporter: What does it take to win this year.

Rufus: Focus, yah. It's all about the focus.

[Switches to next dog, named Luckystar, an agility champion]

Luckystar: Of course, it is exciting. Whew ! I'm excited. Ready to go.

[Switches to next dog Moonwalk Magic Mick, the heelwork to music winner]

Moonwalk: My trainer and I have really prepared for this tournament.  I will be wearing my..... my Union Jack costume, the matching Union jack costume.

[Returns to dog named Rufus]

Reporter: This newfound focus..... did

[Rufus sniffs something with his nose, smelling something. He looks around searching for it.]

Rufus: Is that a kitten? Oh, oh, oh....

[Switches to dog named Daisy, won the "Utility Best of Group" prize]

Reporter: How have you changed your diet this year?

Daisy: Chicken. Bacon... Socks....

[Switches to Princesse from France, who won "Best of Show"]

Princesse: Huh, I don't understand.

[Irritated, Princesse shoves the microphone away]

[Luckystar drinks out of water cup with his nose or "snout" in cup, wagging tail furiously]

Reporter: You seemed more composed this year.

Luckystar: (In a hurried, nervous voice) I am very relaxed, I am... I do a lot of yoga ... relaxed ... you know....

[Switches to Funky Furry Fritz, who won "First in Veteran Class"]

Fritz:  I take..............naps........

Luckystar: Oh good...... (bites microphone cover off)

Moonwalk: We're very excited ....erh ...... (dog knocks over cup of water with his paw)

[Switches back to Rufus Swashbuckler]

Reporter: How will you celebrate if you win?

Rufus: Maybe drink from the toilet bowl or take SELFIES !!



  • accent: a way of saying words that shows what country, region, or social class someone comes from - สำเนียง
  • breed: a kind or type of dog, cat or other animal - พันธุ์
  • celebrate: to do something enjoyable in order to show that an occasion or event is special - ฉลอง
  • champion: winner; the winner of a sports competition - ผู้ชนะเลิศ, ผู้ที่ได้คะแนนสูงสุดในการแข่งขัน
  • character: all the qualities and features that make a person different from others - บุคลิก, ลักษณะนิสัย
  • class: one of the groups into which people in a society are divided according to their family background, education, job, or income - ชนชั้น
  • competitor: a person, team or company that is competing against others - ผู้แข่งขัน, คู่แข่ง
  • composed: calm and with control over your feelings or expression - ตั้งสติ
  • costume: the clothes worn by people from a particular place or for a particular job - เครื่องแต่งกาย
  • diet: the food and drink usually taken by a person or group - อาหาร, สิ่งที่กินได้
  • excited: when something makes you very emotional - ความตื่นเต้น, ความกระตือรือร้น
  • exciting: when something makes you very emotional - ความตื่นเต้น, ความกระตือรือร้น
  • focus: to give attention, effort, etc. to one particular subject, situation or person rather than another - เพ่งความสนใจ
  • funky: fashionable in a way that is unusual and shows a lot of imagination -
  • furiously: done with a lot of energy and determination - เต็มที่
  • furry: an animal with lots of hair on it - นุ่มอย่างขนสัตว์,มีขนยาว
  • heel: the back part of the foot below the ankle - ส้นเท้า
  • hurried: going fast, doing something quickly - รีบ, รีบเร่ง, รีบไป
  • identify: to recognise something and understand what it is - ระบุชื่อ
  • irritated: annoyed - รำคาญ, หงุดหงิด
  • kitten: a baby cat -
  • knock up: to hit something and cause it to fall down -
  • match: to be the same as or very similar to something else - เท่าเทียมกันกับ, เท่ากันกับ
  • moonwalk: the sliding backwards walk that singer Michael Jackson made famous -
  • nap: a short sleep, usually during the day - การงีบ
  • nervous: anxious about something or afraid of something - กระวนกระวาย
  • newfound: doing again something you did in the past -
  • obedience: the practice of doing what someone tells you to do, or of obeying a law or rule - การอยู่ในโอวาท
  • parody (noun): a piece of writing, music, acting, etc. that deliberately copies the style of somebody/something in order to be amusing - การเขียนล้อเลียน, การแต่งเพลงล้อเลียน
  • paw: the feet of animals such as bears, dogs and cats -
  • prepare (verb): put in order, get ready - เตรียม, เตรียมตัว, เตรียมพร้อม, จัดเตรียม, ตระเตรียม
  • press conference: an official meeting where someone makes a formal statement about a particular issue or event to journalists and answers their questions about it - การแถลงข่าว
  • prize: money or trophy given to someone who wins a competition - รางวัล
  • relaxed: calm and not worried - อย่างผ่อนคลาย, ซึ่งรู้สึกสบาย
  • reporter: someone whose job is to write articles or make broadcasts about events in the news - ผู้สื่อข่าว, นักข่าว
  • reveal: to let something become known - เปิดเผย
  • search (noun): looking somewhere or through something carefully in order to find something - การค้นหา
  • shove: to push with force - ผลัก ดัน
  • sniff: to breathe air in through the nose in order to discover or enjoy the smell of something - สูดกลิ่น, สูดอากาศ
  • snout: the nose of a dog or other animal -
  • sock: the things you wear on your feet that with your shoes - ถุงเท้า
  • spoof: a piece of entertainment that copies something in a funny way that is intended to make it seem silly - การหยอกล้อ, การล้อเล่น
  • spot: to see or notice - สังเกตเห็น
  • swashbuckler: a pirate -
  • switch: to change - เปลี่ยน
  • toilet (noun): a large bowl attached to a pipe that you sit on or stand over when you get rid of waste matter from your body - โถส้วม, ห้องน้ำ
  • tournament: a competition for teams or single players in which a series of games is played, and the winners of each game play against each other until only one winner is left - การแข่งขัน
  • trainer: a person who teaches people or animals to perform a particular job or skill well, or to do a particular sport - ครูฝึก, ผู้ฝึก
  • Union Jack: the name for the national flag of the United Kingdom - ธงชาติของอังกฤษ
  • utility: a service provided for the public, for example an electricity, water or gas supply - สาธารณูปโภค, การบริการสาธารณะ
  • veteran: a person who has a lot of experience in a particular area or activity - สส.)หน้าเก่า, (สส.)หลายสมัย, ผู้อาวุโส, ทหารผ่านศึก
  • voice (noun): the sounds that a person makes when they speak or sing - เสียงพูด, เสียงที่เปล่งจากปาก, เสียงร้องเพลง
  • wag: to move something from side to side, e.g., the tail of a dog - แกว่งไปมา, กระดิกไปมา
  • yoga: a set of physical and mental exercises, Indian in origin, which is intended to give control over the body and mind - ระบบการบริหารร่างกายและการควบคุมลมหายใจ
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