ASEAN takes on the traffickers

ASEAN takes on the traffickers

Dealing with illegal trafficking of all kinds is one area where membership in a regional organisation like ASEAN can be a big advantage. Channel 3's ASEAN CHECKLIST explores what's happening (in English and Thai)

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ASEAN checklist appears each Wednesday on Channel 3 during the noontime segment of Asia Connect. The presenters are Michael Chick, a man with extensive media experience ranging from reporting to advertising to documentary production and Nillaya Treeworawat, a Thammasat graduate in International Relations who appears regularly on Channel 3's Asia Connect and World Connect. The video has subtitles in Thai, but the Bangkok Post learning channel has the actual English transcript, so it's really a "two-in-one" lesson.

ASEAN takes on the traffickers



The Thai-Lao-Burmese-Chinese-Economic Quadrangle covers 180,000 sq kilometers in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Connectivity is paramount to making the region work and infrastructure allows safe and convenient passage for humans, livestock and cargo to traverse to and from their destinations.

However, there will always be those who try to beat the system.

Yes, that’s right. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. If you can move it, they can smuggle it.

So are there ways to solve this problem?

One method is to improve the cross-border communications between immigration officials.

And by doing that, they can better identify and prevent trans-national criminality, reduce illegal migration while promoting “Safe Travel & Trade”.

Interview of Pol. Gen.Wuthi Liptapallop : Deputy Commissioner General
“ คือเดิมเราประสานกันเพียงแค่ระบบเอกสาร แต่เดี๋ยวนี้เราใช้อิเล็คทรอนิกส์ social media , Line, skype ก็สามารถให้เราแลกเปลี่ยนข้อมูลได้แต่ละวัน แต่เดิมแต่ละประเทศก็ดำเนินการกันของประเทศใครประเทศมัน แต่ขณะนี้มีการแสวงหาความร่วมมือ ”

"In the past we used physical paper for administration, but today, we have gone digital, and use social media to better communicate between countries on a daily basis. Previously, each country kept their own records, but today we all share this information."

The officers from each country will exchange information as illegal migrants become more “creative”.

That’s right. Some of the methods are; changing their names, sometimes just spelling their names differently, using fake passports and visas, or sometimes, just using another person’s passport, and border pass.

So all these can be solved with a single solution?

No, but it’s very a good start.

How can it be improved then?

Well, for starters, interpol can play a more active role. Also, those who have been tracking smuggling activities will know that all ASEAN borders are extremely porous, and smugglers typically don’t use these checkpoints to begin with.

I understand now. Unfortunately, that’s all the time we have for today.

See you next week, on ASEAN Checklist.



  • a daily basis (exp): every day - ทุกวัน
  • administration: the process or act of organising the way that something is done - การบริหาร
  • beat the system (idiom): to get what you want by not following the usual laws or rules - ไม่ปฏิบัติตามกฎหมายหรือกฎระเบียบ
  • border: the official line separating two areas, regions or countries - เขตแดน อาณาเขต
  • cargo: things that are being sent by ship, plane, train or truck - สินค้าที่บรรทุกและจัดส่งโดยเรือ เครื่องบินหรือรถไฟ
  • checkpoint: a place where people are stopped and questioned and vehicles are examined, especially at a border between two countries - ด่านตรวจ
  • connectivity (noun): how well connected things are, how easily you can get from one place to another - ภาวะเชื่อมต่อ, สภาพเชื่อมโยง
  • convenient: easy to use or suitable for a particular purpose - สะดวก
  • creative: involving a lot of imagination and new ideas - ซึ่งมีความคิดริเริ่ม, ซึ่งมีความคิดสร้างสรรค์
  • criminality: criminal actions, i.e, actions that are against the law - การผิดกฎหมาย
  • cross-border (adj): of activities which involve going across a border between two countries - เกี่ยวข้องกับกิจกรรมที่ข้ามพรมแดนระหว่าง 2 ประเทศ, ระหว่างประเทศ
  • destination: the place where someone or something is going - จุดหมายปลายทาง
  • digital: using a system of receiving and sending information as a series of the numbers one and zero, showing that an electronic signal is there or is not there - ซึ่งรับส่งข้อมูลด้วยการใช้ตัวเลข
  • exchange: (of two or more people) to give each other information - แลกเปลี่ยน
  • fake: made to look like something real to trick people - ปลอม
  • for starters (idiom): (used in informal speech when you begin a list of things) to begin with; to start - เริ่มแรก (คำไม่เป็นทางการ)
  • identify: to recognise something and understand what it is - ชี้ ระบตัวุ
  • illegal: against the law - ผิดกฎหมาย, นอกกฎหมาย
  • immigration official: an official who works for the government agency dealing with people entering and leaving the country and those who want to live there - เจ้าหน้าที่สำนักงานตรวจคนเข้าเมือง
  • improve: to make better - ทำให้ดีขึ้น
  • infrastructure: a set of systems within a place or organisation that affect how well it operates, e.g., the telephone and transport systems in a country or the system of train tracks that a railway uses - สาธารณูปโภค
  • interview: a meeting (often a public one) at which a person is asked questions in order to find out their opinions, experiences, etc. - การสัมภาษณ์
  • livestock: animals such as cows, sheep, chickens and pigs that are kept on farms - ปศุสัตว์
  • method: a particular way of doing something - วิธีการ,วิธีดำเนินการ
  • migrant: someone who travels to another place or country in order to find work (an immigrant is someone who comes to live in a country from another country) - ผู้อพยพ, คนงานต่างถิ่น
  • migration: moving from one place to another - การอพยพ
  • paramount (adj): more important than anything else - สำคัญยิ่ง
  • pass (noun): an official document or ticket that shows that you have the right to enter or leave a place, to travel on a bus or train, etc. - บัตรผ่าน
  • passage (noun): a way through something - การผ่าน, ทางผ่าน
  • physical: existing in the real world, rather than in someone's imagination - โดยพละของธรรมชาติ, แท้จริง
  • porous: not effective in preventing people from attacking or escaping - พรุน,มีรูมาก,เป็นรูพรุน
  • previously: before -
  • promote: to encourage or support something - สนับสนุน
  • quadrangle (noun): a four-sided polygon; a shape consisting of four points connected by four lines - รูปสี่เหลี่ยมจัตุรัส
  • record: a written account of something that is kept so that it can be looked at and used in the future - การบันทึก, รายงาน
  • reduce: to make something smaller or less in amount, size, importance etc - ลดลง
  • region: a large area of land or space, usually without exact limits or borders - ภูมิภาค, ขอบเขต, แถบ, บริเวณ
  • role: the position or purpose that someone or something has in a situation, organisation, society or relationship - บทบาท
  • smuggle: to take things or people to or from a place secretly and often illegally - ลักลอบนำเข้า
  • smuggling: secretly and illegally taking goods or people into or out of a country or place - การลักลอบ
  • social media: the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc. - เครือข่ายสังคมออนไลน์
  • solution: a way of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation - วิธีแก้ปัญหา
  • solve (verb): to successfully deal with a problem or difficult situation; to find out who is responsible for a crime - แก้ปัญหา, คลี่คลาย, หาคำตอบ
  • subregion: a smaller region that is part of a larger region -
  • track: to follow the development or progress of something - ติดตาม
  • trade: the buying and selling of goods and services - การค้าขาย
  • traverse: to cross an area of land or water - ข้าม, เดินข้าม
  • typically: usually; normally - อย่างเป็นแบบฉบับ
  • unfortunately: making you sad or disappointed, or getting you into a difficult position - น่าเสียดาย

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