Thailand thrash Vietnam 3-0 in World Cup Qualifier

Thailand thrash Vietnam 3-0 in World Cup Qualifier

Thailand's players celebrate after scoring their third goal during a World Cup 2018 qualifier between Vietnam and Thailand on October 1 3, 2015 at Hanoi's My Dinh stadium. Thailand defeated Vietnam 3-0. AFP photos by Hoang Dinh Nam
Thailand's players celebrate after scoring their third goal during a World Cup 2018 qualifier between Vietnam and Thailand on October 1 3, 2015 at Hanoi's My Dinh stadium. Thailand defeated Vietnam 3-0. AFP photos by Hoang Dinh Nam

Goals by Kroekrit and Theerathon sandwiched an own-goal by the home team and gave Kiatisak Senamuang's men a comfortable 3-0 win over Vietnam top go five points clear in their group.

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Thailand hand Vietnam heavy defeat

Kingdom go five points clear in Group F race

Tor Chittinand

Hanoi: Turmoil in the country's football governing body did little to dampen the spirits of the Thai national team as they carved out an impressive 3-0 win over Vietnam to improve their chances of sailing through their World Cup qualifying campaign.

Goals by Kroekrit Taweekarn and Theerathon Bunmathan sandwiched an own-goal by the home team and gave Kiatisak Senamuang's men a comfortable win.

Kroekrit Taweekarn, left, celebrates with teammates after scoring Thailand's opening goal against Vietnam. 

The victory bolstered the Thais' position at the top of the Asian World Cup qualifying Group F standings.

They now have 10 points from four games and enjoy a five-point advantage over second-placed Iraq, who have a match in hand.

Vietnam stayed put in third place with four points from as many matches. Taiwan, the other team in the group, are still looking for their first point.

The heavy loss dashed Vietnamese hopes of staking a claim for first place in the group and left them with only a hypothetical chance of making it to the final stage of Asia's final qualifying round for the 2018 World Cup.

Winners of the eight groups and four best second-placed teams will compete in the continent's final qualifying tournament for places at Russia 2018.

The sight of a large Cheer Thai Power group inside My Dinh Stadium gave the national team a force to counter the vociferous Vietnamese crowd in the stands and a much-needed lift in morale.

Thai fans unfold a large national flag after their team scored a goal.

Thailand entered the match with Kawin Thamsatchanan returning as goalkeeper and Teerasil Dangda, once again, assuming the role of striker.

The Vietnamese started off in an attacking frame of mind. After a cautious start, the Thai players dug in their heels and began giving their rivals a run for their money.

The Vietnamese looked ominous on the counter-attack and their repeated forays into the Thai half put the visitors under pressure.

Thailand's first goal in the 28th minute was the result of a spectacular long drive by Kroekrit Taweekarn from outside the box.

Kroekrit Taweekarn's spectacular goal

Picking up a pass from Teerasil on the left flank, Kroekrit shuffled a few steps and unleashed a left-footed sizzler that sailed between two Vietnam defenders past a diving Tran Nguyen Manh into the net.

After conceding the goal, the hosts went all out in search of an equaliser but their efforts were either thwarted by the strong Thai defence or they simply shot wide from long distances.

Thailand's Chanathip Songkrasin (2L) fights for the ball with Vietnam's Mac Hong Quan.

The Vietnamese came back for the second half with a renewed vigour but the Thai defenders held their fort well.

Kroekrit had a big hand in helping the Thais double their lead in the 56th minute when his through ball was deflected by Vietnamese defender Dinh Tien Thanh into his own net.

With their enthusiasm deflated, the Vietnamese made some halfhearted attacking forays which the Thai defenders warded off with ease.

In the 70th minute, Thailand netted their third when Buriram defender Theerathon beat an offside trap and his blistering shot left the goalkeeper with no chance of a save.

The Thais played in a relaxed manner and Teerasil was denied a chance to put his name on the scoresheet by the Vietnamese defenders.

Thailand will next host Taiwan on Nov 12 and then go to Iraq on March 24.

Iraq will travel to Taiwan on Nov 17 and, after their game against Thailand, will host Vietnam on March 29.

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  • advantage: a condition giving a greater chance of success - ความได้เปรียบ
  • assume the role (idiom): to play a character in a play, movie or to have a particular job to do - สวมบทบาท
  • attack: to try to score points against an opponent in a game or sport - บุก
  • blistering (adj): done very fast or with great energy - ย่างรวดเร็วมาก
  • bolster: to make something stronger or more effective - ทำให้เข้มแข็ง
  • campaign: a series of matches in a tournament or season -
  • carve out (verb): to work hard to do something successfully - พยายามอย่างมากเพื่อประสบความสำเร็จ
  • cautious: careful to avoid danger - ระมัดระวังไม่ให้เกิดขึ้น
  • concede a goal: to allow a goal to be scored against you - เสียประตู
  • continent: one of the seven large land masses on the Earth's surface, surrounded, or mainly surrounded, by sea and usually consisting of various countries (adjective form is continental) - ทวีป
  • counter: to go against - ต้าน, แย้ง
  • counter-attack: an attack made in response to the attack of an enemy or opponent in war, sport or an argument - การโต้ตอบ
  • dampen: to make something less strong, large, etc. - ทำให้อ่อนกำลังลง
  • dash hopes: to make it impossible for someone to do what they hoped to do - ทำให้ไม่สมหวัง, ทำให้ผิดหวัง, ทำให้เสียกำลังใจ
  • defence: the players who must prevent the other team from scoring; the position of these players on the sports field - ผู้ป้องกัน
  • defender: a player whose job is to stop the other team scoring in a game such as football - ผู้ป้องกัน
  • deflated (adj): having the air taken out of something; making somebody feel less confident; to make somebody/something feel or seem less important แฟบ, กิ่ว, ทำให้มีความมั่นใจน้อย -
  • deflect: to make something move in a different direction, especially by hitting it - เปลี่ยนแปลงทิศทาง
  • deny (verb): to cause to be unsuccessful; to not allow someone do something - ทำให้ไม่สำเร็จ, ไม่ยอม
  • dig in your heels (idiom): to remain firm and refuse to do something or to change your mind about something - อยู่อย่างแน่วแน่; อยู่อย่างมั่นคง
  • dive: to move or jump quickly in a particular direction, especially to avoid something, to try to catch a ball, etc -
  • double: to become twice as big, twice as much or twice as many - เพิ่มเป็นสองเท่า
  • drive: (in football) a powerful shot, a long hard kick - การเตะแรง
  • effort: an attempt to do something - ความพยายาม
  • enthusiasm: the feeling of being very interested in something or excited by it - ความกระตือรือร้น
  • equaliser: (in football) a goal that makes the score of both teams equal -
  • flank: at the side of someone or something - ด้านข้าง
  • foray: a sudden quick attack on an enemy - จู่โจม, รุกคืบ
  • fort: a building or buildings built in order to defend an area against attack - ป้อมปราการ
  • frame of mind: the mood that someone is in, which influences their attitudes or feelings - อารมณ์, สภาพของจิตใจขณะนั้น
  • give someone a run for their money (idiom): to make somebody try very hard, using all their skill and effort, in order to beat you in a game or competition - ทำให้พยายามอย่างหนัก
  • governing body (noun): a group within an organisation which makes major decisions on how it is run -
  • halfhearted (adj): done without enthusiasm or effort - ไม่กระตือรือล้น ไม่เต็มใจ เฉื่อยชา
  • have a hand in (idiom): to have an important part/role in doing something or making something succeed - มีบทบาทสำคัญ
  • have a match in hand (phrase): to have one more match to play than your opponent, i.e., to have played one less match -
  • host: a country, city, group, person, etc. which provides the space and other things necessary for a special event - เจ้าภาพ
  • host: to provide the space and other things necessary for a special event - ทำหน้าที่เป็นเจ้าภาพ, เป็นผู้จัดรายการ
  • hypothetical (adj): based on situations or ideas which are possible and imagined rather than real and true - เป็นสมมุติฐาน,เป็นข้อสมมุติ
  • impressive: something that people admire because it is very good, very large or shows great skill - ซึ่งน่าประทับใจ
  • improve: to make better - ทำให้ดีขึ้น
  • lead: the amount or distance that somebody/something is in front of somebody/something else - การนำหน้า, การขึ้นหน้า, การอยู่หน้า
  • lift: something that makes you feel better or more confident - ทำให้เบาใจ
  • manner: way - ลักษณะท่าทาง, กิริยาท่าทาง, วิธีการ
  • morale: the amount of confidence and enthusiasm, etc. that a person or a group has at a particular time - กำลังใจ, ขวัญ
  • net (verb): (in football) to score a goal, i.e., to put the ball in the net -
  • offside trap (noun): (in football) when defenders suddenly move higher up the field at the right moment, leaving attackers in an offside position just before their teammates make a pass to them -
  • ominous: suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future - เป็นลางร้าย,ไม่เป็นมงคล
  • own-goal (noun): a goal that is scored by mistake by a player against his or her own team - การเตะลูกเข้าประตูตัวเอง
  • position (noun): the place where somebody/something is located - ตำแหน่ง, สถานที่
  • pressure: a worried feeling that you get when you have to deal with a difficult or complicated situation - ความกดดัน
  • qualifying: the competition before a tournament to determine which teams qualify - เข้ารอบ
  • relaxed: calm and not worried - อย่างผ่อนคลาย, ซึ่งรู้สึกสบาย
  • renewed (adj): happening again with increased interest or strength - เริ่มใหม่
  • rival: a person you are competing against or opposing - คู่แข่ง
  • round: one of a series of events, activities, etc. - รอบ
  • sail (verb): to move quickly and smoothly in a particular direction - แล่น
  • sail through (idiom): to easily succeed in doing something - ประสบความสำเร็จได้อย่างง่ายดาย
  • sandwich: to fit something/somebody into a very small space between two other things or people, or between two times - ใส่ไปในระหว่างสองสิ่ง
  • shuffle: to walk dragging your feet on the ground, not picking the feet up off the ground - เดินลากเท้า, เดินงุ่มง่าม, เดินอุ้ยอ้าย
  • sizzler (noun): something that is moving so fast it gets very hot -
  • spectacular: very exciting to look at; extremely impressive - น่าตื่นเต้น ที่ตระการตา
  • spirits: mood, feelings - อารมณ์
  • stage: a part of an activity or process or a period of development - ช่วง, ระยะ, ตอน
  • stake a claim (idiom): to say or show publicly that you think something should be yours - อ้างสิทธิ์
  • standings: a list of people, teams, etc. showing their positions in a sports competition - ตำแหน่ง
  • stands: raised areas, often part of a sports stadium, where people sit or stand to watch a match or event - ที่นั่งชมการแสดง
  • stay put: to stay in the same place; to not move - ยืนหยัด ไม่เคลื่อนย้าน
  • striker: a football player whose job is to stay near the opponent’s goal and to score goals - ศูนย์หน้าตัวเป้า
  • the box (noun): the penalty box; the area in front of the goal - เขตโทษ
  • thwart: to prevent someone from doing something that they want to do - สกัดกั้น   ป้องกัน
  • turmoil: a state of uncontrolled activity - การจราจล ความไม่สงบ
  • unfold (verb): to spread open or flat something that has previously been folded; to become open and flat - คลี่, กาง, แผ่ออก
  • unleash: to release suddenly a strong, uncontrollable and usually destructive force - ปล่อย, ก่อให้เกิดผลรุนแรง
  • vigour: energy, force or enthusiasm - กำลัง,ความแข็งแรง,พลัง
  • vociferous (adj): expressing your opinions or feelings in a loud and confident way - ซึ่งร้องหนวกหู, ตะโกนร้อง,เสียงดังเอะอะโวยวาย
  • ward off: to prevent something unpleasant from harming or coming close to you - ขจัด, ป้องกัน
  • with ease (phrase): easily - อย่างง่ายดาย, อย่างสบาย
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