Flooding in Phetchaburi

Flooding in Phetchaburi

Phetchaburi river overflows

The Phetchaburi river has burst its banks. Floodwaters are causing significant damage and disruption.

The waters inundated major towns and roads. People were wading thigh deep in Muang district on Thursday after heavy rain.

Schools and government offices were flooded. The overflow spilled onto Phetkasem Road, causing a traffic jam for about four kilometres, with water up to 60 centimetres deep.

The province advised people to move to high ground as water continued to flow from the river, which passes through Phetchaburi town centre.

Phetchaburi governor Chatporn Ratdusadee said work crews were battling to drain the flood to the river downstream. They hope to end the crisis within the next three days.

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department reported floods in Ban Laem, Cha-am and Tha Yang districts of the province.

Storm Kirogi has brought downpours to southern provinces since Wednesday night. There could be further disruptions, as the Meteorological Department warned of more rain and possible flash floods until next Tuesday.

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  • advise: to tell somebody what you think they should do in a particular situation - แนะนำ, แจ้ง
  • battle: to try very hard to achieve something difficult or to deal with something unpleasant or dangerous - ต่อสู้, ดิ้นรนต่อสู้, มุ่งมั่นฝ่าฟัน
  • crisis: an urgent, difficult or dangerous situation - วิกฤตการณ์
  • disruption: a situation in which something cannot continue because of a problem - การขัดขวาง, การหยุดชะงัก
  • downpour: a lot of rain in a short time - ฝนตกหนักมาก, พายุฝน
  • downstream: in the direction that a river or stream is flowing - ตามกระแสน้ำ
  • drain: to cause water or fluid to flow out - ระบายออก
  • flash flood: a flood that happens suddenly without warning - น้ำที่เกิดท่วมในที่ต่ำโดยฉับพลันทันทีและไหลลดลงอย่างรวดเร็ว
  • inundated: flooded - ถูกน้ำท่วม, จมลงใต้น้ำ
  • overflow: (of a river or body of water) to flood the land next to it - เอ่อล้น, ไหลล้น
  • thigh: the top part of your leg, above your knee - ต้นขา
  • wade: to walk with an effort through something, especially water or mud - ลุย เดินท่องน้ำ หรือ โคลน
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