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Protesters march to German embassy

Protesters march along Rama IV Road from Samyan intersection to the German embassy on Sathorn Road on Monday. (Photo: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul)

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Protesters began marching to the German embassy on Monday evening, to ask Berlin to look into the matter of His Majesty the King living in Germany.

The pro-democracy movement gathered at Samyan intersection about 5pm and started marching on Rama IV Road to the embassy on Sathorn Road.

They said earlier that they would petition the German government through the embassy to look into whether the King had violated German sovereignty by exercising his power on German soil.

The German embassy on Monday released a statement written on Sunday stressing the need for a peaceful gathering by the protesters and protection of its premises by the government.

The embassy said it would be ready to receive the petition and send it to Berlin on condition it was given in a "peaceful manner".

A rally outside the embassy in support of the monarchy earlier on Monday had already dispersed after presenting a letter addressed to the ambassador.


ambassador : a senior official who lives in a foreign country and represents his or her own country there - ทูต

democracy (noun): a system of government in which all the people of a country can vote to elect their representatives - การปกครองแบบประชาธิปไตย

dispersal : (of a crowd of people) the process of causing to separate and leave in different directions  - การสลายฝูงชน

embassy : a building where a group of officials work who represent their government in a foreign country - สถานทูต

exercise : the use of your power, rights, or skills - การใช้

march (noun): a walk by a large group of people to a place to protest about something - เดินแถว, เดินขบวน

monarchy (noun): the king or queen of a country and their family - ราชวงศ์, พระบรมวงศานุวงศ์

petition : a document signed by a large number of people demanding or requesting some action from the government or another authority - การถวายฎีกา,การร้องเรียน

protection : the act of protecting somebody/something; the state of being protected - การอารักขา, การปกป้อง

soil : land owned by a country - พื้นดิน

sovereignty : the right of a country to rule itself - อำนาจอธิปไตย อำนาจเด็จขาดเหนือพื้นที่

violate : to do something that is against the law - ละเมิดกฏหมาย