Bodies in streets shock PM

Bodies in streets shock PM

Medical workers in protective suits examine the body of a man found dead on Soi Sukhumvit 20 in Watthana district, Bangkok, on Thursday morning. (Photo supplied)
Medical workers in protective suits examine the body of a man found dead on Soi Sukhumvit 20 in Watthana district, Bangkok, on Thursday morning. (Photo supplied)

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed concern about people who died of Covid-19 after not receiving timely treatment.

He has instructed all agencies involved to help.

"You must help me find ways to reduce the number of infected people who stay at home and wait for an ambulance or wait on the streets," Prayut said.

"A picture like this must not be seen again. It is the responsibility of all agencies, not just the Public Health Ministry. Agencies involved must find ways to take these people to field hospitals," he added.

He spoke following an outcry over the delay in collecting a body, one of three, found in a street in Phra Nakhon district on Tuesday night.

The sight of the body covered in white cloth and lying on the street for almost 12 hours in Phra Nakhon district sparked public outrage.

The man was a car park attendant. Police received a call about the man who had fainted on the street at 11am on Tuesday.

Paramedics and rescuers arrived later with oxygen. They tried to revive the man, prompting the police to call forensic experts from Vajira Hospital to examine the body.

The Por Teck Tung foundation collected the body at 10pm and brought it to Vajira Hospital for an autopsy. The man had Covid-19.

The spokesman said police were also alerted about 6.30pm on Tuesday to a second body, found on Ratchadamnoen Avenue.

Vajira Hospital forensic officials arrived to examine the body at 7.15pm and the Por Teck Tung rescuers delivered it shortly afterwards to the hospital. Test results were pending.

The third body was discovered in a temple in the Sao Chingcha area at 7.30pm. The forensic team from the Police General Hospital arrived to collect the body at 9pm. Tests confirmed he had Covid-19.

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  • agency (noun): a government department that provides a particular service - หน่วยงานราชการ
  • ambulance : a vehicle for taking people to hospital - รถพยาบาล
  • autopsy: a medical examination of a dead person’s body to find out why they died - การชันสูตรศพ
  • faint: to suddenly become unconscious for a short time, and usually fall to the ground - เป็นลม
  • field hospital (noun): a temporary hospital, e.g. near a battlefield, a natural disaster, etc. -
  • forensic: relating to the use of scientific methods to solve  crimes or to find out why something happened - เกี่ยวกับนิติวิทยาศาสตร์
  • infected: having a disease transmitted from someone else - ซึ่งติดเชื้อ
  • outcry: a strong expression of anger and disapproval about something, made by a group of people or by the public - การคัดค้านอย่างรุนแรง
  • outrage: extreme anger - ความโกรธอย่างรุนแรง
  • pending: waiting to be dealt with, settled or completed - ยังค้างอยู่, ซึ่งยังไม่จบสิ้น, อยู่ในระหว่าง
  • rescuers (noun): people who save someone from a dangerous or unpleasant situation - ผู้ช่วยชีวิต
  • responsibility: deserving to be blamed for something that has happened - ความรับผิดชอบ
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