BBC sorry for 'Manchester United are rubbish' error

BBC sorry for 'Manchester United are rubbish' error

A message
A message "Manchester United are rubbish" appears on BBC's screen during a tennis update on Monday. (Screen capture)

The BBC was forced to apologise to Manchester United fans on Tuesday after a message appeared on their news ticker calling the Premier League club "rubbish".

The insult popped up at the bottom of the screen during a tennis update.

Later in the morning, a presenter apologised to any United fans who may have been offended.

She said the mistake had occurred as someone was learning how to operate the ticker.

The presenter said: "A little earlier, some of you may have noticed something pretty unusual on the ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen with news making a comment about Manchester United, and I hope that Manchester United fans weren't offended by it.

"So apologies if you saw that and you were offended and you're a fan of Manchester United."

A BBC statement said: "There was a technical glitch during training with our test ticker, which rolled over to live programming for a few seconds. We apologised for any offence caused on air."

BBC presenter and Manchester City fan Clive Myrie tweeted: "I had nothing to do with this!!" with the hashtag #mcfc.


  • apologise: to say you are sorry for doing something wrong or for causing a problem - ขอโทษ
  • error (noun): a mistake, especially one that causes problems or affects the result of something - ข้อผิดพลาด,ความผิดพลาด
  • glitch: a small problem or fault that prevents something from being successful or working as well as it should - ความบกพร่องเล็กน้อย
  • insult (noun): a remark or an action that is said or done in order to offend or upset somebody - การดูถูก, การประชดประชัน, การสบประมาท, การเย้ยหยัน
  • offence: a crime or illegal activity for which there is a punishment - การกระทำความผิด
  • offended: upset because of something said that is rude or embarrassing - ขุ่นเคือง
  • rubbish: useless - ไร้สาระ
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