Thousands of GrabBike taxis to be ordered off the road

Thousands of GrabBike taxis to be ordered off the road

Thousands of unregistered GrabBike motorcycle taxis will be removed from service in mid-July by order of the Department of Land Transport (DLT).

Grab Thailand recently notified its driver partners that it is required to expel drivers who use motorcycles which are unregistered for public transport service within 30 days, which falls on July 15.

Grab Thailand said this would affect tens of thousands of driver partners, who would lose their livelihood.

Grab has to follow the DLT demand that GrabBike drivers must have public transport driving licences and their motorcycles be registered for public transport service.

The drivers are also required to provide service only in the area where they are registered with the DLT,  with fares at the same rate as applied at motorcycle-taxi queues, according to the DLT.

The move would affect hundreds of thousands of regular passengers, who would have a more limited choice of transport, Grab Thailand said.

Grab will again meet with the DLT this week and ask it to consider ways to alleviate the impact and the timeframe.

An online petition has been launched on in opposition to the move.

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  • alleviate: to make something less painful, severe, or serious - ทำให้บรรเทา ทำให้น้อยลง
  • expel: to force someone to leave a place, school, organisation or country - ขับไล่,ไล่ออก
  • livelihood: (the way someone earns) the money people need to pay for food, a place to live, clothing, etc - การดำรงชีวิต, การครองชีพ
  • notification (noun): the act of giving or receiving official information about something - การแจ้ง
  • opposition (noun): fighting against an opponent; being against something/someone - การต่อต้าน, การคัดค้าน
  • petition: a document signed by a large number of people demanding or requesting some action from the government or another authority - การถวายฎีกา,การร้องเรียน
  • timeframe (noun): the length of time something is supposed to last; the length of time before something can begin to be used - ในกรอบเวลาที่ระบุำไว้
  • unregistered: not having a license or the correct papers to do something - ไม่ได้ตีทะเบียน
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