Mexican mayor marries alligator

Mexican mayor marries alligator

An alligator is seen at the zoo, in Cali, Colombia on May 20, 2022. (Photo: AFP)
An alligator is seen at the zoo, in Cali, Colombia on May 20, 2022. (Photo: AFP)

A small town Mexican mayor married his alligator bride in a colourful ceremony as traditional music rang out and revellers danced.

San Pedro Huamelula Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa then kissed the small alligator, whose mouth had been tied shut to avoid unwanted biting.

The ritual marriage likely dates back centuries to pre-Hispanic times among Oaxaca state's indigenous communities, like a prayer asking for nature's bounty.

"We ask nature for enough rain, for enough food, that we have fish in the river," said Sosa, mayor of the small fishing village.

Oaxaca, located in Mexico's poor south, is arguably the country's richest in indigenous culture and home to many groups that have maintained their languages and traditions.

The age-old ritual involves dressing the alligator in a white wedding dress.

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  • bite (verb): (bite, bit, bitten) to use your teeth to cut into or through something - กัด
  • bounty (noun): the good things that something provides - รางวัล, ความเอื้ออารี,ของขวัญ
  • culture (noun): the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organization of a particular country or group - วัฒนธรรม
  • indigenous: naturally existing in a place or country rather than arriving from another place - เกี่ยวกับชนพื้นเมือง
  • mayor: the most important elected official in a town or city - นายกเทศมนตรี
  • ritual: a formal ceremony - พิธีการ
  • tradition: a very old custom, belief, or story - ประเพณี, ขนบธรรมเนียม
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