Cabinet approves longer stays for some visitors

Cabinet approves longer stays for some visitors

Tourists fill the arrival hall at Suvarnabhumi airport. (File photo)
Tourists fill the arrival hall at Suvarnabhumi airport. (File photo)

The cabinet has approved an announcement extending the length of stay of visa-on-arrival and visa-exempt visitors, effective from Oct 1 until March 31.

Tuesday's cabinet meeting approved an announcement by the Interior Ministry.

The announcement will extend the stay period for some foreign visitors.

Foreign visitors with visa-on-arrival will be able to stay for up to 30 days, up from 15 days. Passport holders from visa-exempt countries will be allowed to stay in the kingdom for up to 45 days, up from 30 days at present.

Approval of the extended visas is expected to boost tourist arrivals and spending, help revive the economy and reduce the impact of the pandemic.

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  • announcement: a spoken or written statement that informs people about something - การประกาศ
  • approve (verb): to officially agree to a plan, request, etc. - เห็นชอบ, เห็นด้วย
  • boost: to increase; to strengthen - เพิ่ม; ทำให้มีกำลังมากขึ้น
  • cabinet: the group of government ministers who make and approve government policy - คณะรัฐมนตรี
  • economy: the relationship between production, trade and the supply of money in a particular country or region - เศรษฐกิจ
  • exempt: not having to follow a rule or obligation or make a payment - ยกเว้น
  • extend: to add more time - ยืดออกไป
  • impact (noun): an effect or influence - ผลกระทบ
  • Interior Ministry: the Thai ministry with responsibility over the Royal Thai Police, local administrations, internal security, citizenship, disaster management, land management, issuing national identity cards and public works - กระทรวงมหาดไทย
  • revive: to come or bring something back to existence or use - ฟื้นฟู, ทำให้เกิดขึ้นอีก
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