Young boy's 'miracle' rescue after quake

Young boy's 'miracle' rescue after quake

Rescue workers were still searching for at least 40 missing people after the West Java earthquake.
Rescue workers were still searching for at least 40 missing people after the West Java earthquake.

A six-year-old boy has been pulled from the rubble of a deadly Indonesia earthquake after spending two days trapped without food or water, in a "miracle" rescue.

The dramatic rescue captured on camera Wednesday evening revived hopes that survivors could still be found alive after the strong earthquake that hit the West Java town of Cianjur on Monday, killing at least 271 people.

Video showed rescue workers pulling the boy Azka free from a destroyed home.

The man who pulled him out of a hole cut in the debris held him in both arms, as another rescue worker ran after them to hold the boy's hand.

Azka -- who like many Indonesians goes by one name -- was then shown calmly sipping a drink held by a soldier.

His mother died in the earthquake and her body was found hours before Azka's rescue, a volunteer told AFP on Thursday.

The boy was then found next to his dead grandmother.

He was only saved by a wall holding up another collapsed wall, preventing it from falling on him, local media reported.


  • calmly: in a relaxed way without anxiety - อย่างใจเย็น, อย่างไม่ตื่นเต้น, อย่างสงบ
  • collapsed: fell down suddenly - ล้ม ทิ้งตัวลง
  • debris: broken pieces that are left when something large has been destroyed - เศษ ซากปรักหักพัง  ซากสิ่งของที่ถูกทำลาย
  • earthquake: a sudden shaking movement of the ground - แผ่นดินไหว
  • rescue: saving a person or animal from a dangerous or unpleasant situation - การช่วยชีวิต
  • revive: to come or bring something back to existence or use - ฟื้นฟู, ทำให้เกิดขึ้นอีก
  • survivor: someone who still exists after an event that could have killed or destroyed them - ผู้รอดชีวิต
  • volunteer (noun): someone who is not paid for the work that they do; someone who does something willingly without being required to - อาสาสมัคร
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