Prayut hints his time as PM is over

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha speaks to reporters at Government House on Tuesday. (Photo: Chanat Katanyu)
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha speaks to reporters at Government House on Tuesday. (Photo: Chanat Katanyu)

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha made remarks on Tuesday suggesting he sees little opportunity for him returning to power for another term.

Prayut was responding to reporters' questions about his political plans as the bloc led by the Move Forward Party works to form a new coalition government.

He seemed amused when reporters asked about the possibility of smaller parties nominating him as prime minister if the MFP or Pheu Thai fail to put together a coalition government.

Asked about the coalition, Gen Prayut -- of the UTN Party -- said he was not involved.

Bhumjaithai leader Anutin Charnvirakul said on Tuesday he never held talks or had any agreement with ousted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra amid rumours of a "secret deal".

He said his recent meeting with one of Pheu Thai's three prime ministerial candidates at a football match in the UK had nothing to do with politics.

A photo of the pair circulated last week after former massage parlour tycoon Chuvit Kamolvisit made a Facebook post about their allegedly secret negotiations if the MFP failed to gather more than half of the House seats required to form a government. According to Mr Chuvit, the secret deal was called "come home", a reference to Thaksin, who recently announced his intention to return to Thailand next month.

Mr Anutin declined to discuss the prospect of a rival coalition.

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  • amused: thinking that somebody/something is funny, so that you smile or laugh - ซึ่งมีอารมณ์ขบขัน
  • bloc: a group of people or a group of countries with the same aim - สมาชิกพรรคการเมือง
  • circulate: to pass from one person to another - ยังคงมีการแพร่ระบาดอยู่
  • coalition: a temporary union of different political parties that agree to form a government together - พรรคร่วมรัฐบาล
  • deal (noun): a formal agreement, especially in business or politics - ข้อตกลง, การตกลงซื้อขาย, การซื้อขาย
  • decline: to say politely that you will not accept something or do something - ปฏิเสธ
  • hint: to say or do something that shows, but not directly, what is meant - แย้ม
  • involve (verb): to be an important or necessary part or result of something - เกี่ยวพัน, เกี่ยวข้อง, พัวพัน
  • negotiations: formal discussion in which people or groups try to reach an agreement - การเจรจาต่อรอง
  • nominate (verb): to formally propose someone for a job, an award, etc. - เสนอชื่อ
  • opportunity (noun): a chance to do something, or a situation in which it is easy for you to do something - โอกาส
  • ousted (verb): forced out of a place - ขับออกจาก
  • remarks (noun): something said - คำพูด
  • rival: a person you are competing against or opposing - คู่แข่ง
  • tycoon: a person who has succeeded in business or industry and has become very rich and powerful - นักธุรกิจที่ร่ำรวยและมีอิทธิพลมาก
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