Fugitive Swede arrested on Samui

Martin: Was wanted on drug charges
Martin: Was wanted on drug charges

A 60-year-old Swedish man wanted on drug charges in Bangkok has been arrested on Koh Samui after two years on the run.

Immigration police arrested Reino Pentti Olavi Martin in front of a house in tambon Bo Phut on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Martin was wanted for illegally possessing methamphetamine with intent to sell.

He was caught in the Thong Lor area of Bangkok in 2020 and released on bail. However, he jumped bail, prompting the court to issue a warrant for his arrest.

Records showed that Mr Martin's visa expired on Dec 22, 2021.

Officers began tracking Mr Martin's movements, which led to his arrest. When police caught him, they initially charged him with overstaying his visa.

He was sent to the Bo Phut police station to answer the visa charge before being handed over to the Bangkok South Criminal Court to deal with the drug offence.

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  • arrested: caught by the police and taken to a police station because you are believed to have committed a crime - ถูกจับกุม
  • bail: money that is given to a court when someone is allowed to stay out of prison until their trial. If they do not return for the trial, the court keeps the money  - เงินประกัน; การประกันตัว
  • expire: to come to an end or stop being in use - หมดอายุ
  • fugitive (noun): someone who has been accused of doing something illegal and is trying to avoid being caught by the police - ผู้หลบหนี
  • immigration police: the police agency dealing with people entering and leaving the country - สำนักงานตรวจคนเข้าเมือง
  • intent (noun): your plan or purpose - จุดประสงค์, เจตนา
  • jumped bail: to fail to return for your trial after being permitted to go free on bail -
  • methamphetamine: a stimulant drug that increases alertness and energy, but which is dangerous when taken in large amounts or over a long period of time - ยาบ้า
  • overstay: stay in a country for longer than you are allowed to stay, not leaving when your visa to stay in the country ends -
  • possess: to have or own something - ครอบครอง, ถือครอง
  • track: to follow the course of a moving object such as a ship, aircraft or animal using special equipment - ติดตาม, ตามรอย
  • warrant (noun): a legal document that is signed by a judge and gives the police authority to do something - หมาย
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