Jail for police who extorted Taiwanese actress

The Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases on Wednesday sentenced four Bangkok policemen each to five years in jail for extorting 27,000 baht from a Taiwanese actress and her friends early this year.

The four policemen were from Huai Khwang station. The incident occurred about 1am on Jan 5 at a temporary checkpoint on Ratchadaphisek Road near the Chinese embassy.

A Grab taxi carrying visiting actress Charlene An and her foreign friends was stopped for a search at a checkpoint. Police found three vaping devices, and not all of the group were carrying their passports.

The four policemen demanded 27,000 baht from the group in exchange for dropping charges. 

In addition to the prison terms, the court ordered them to give the bribe money to the state.

Two other policemen at the checkpoint were acquitted. The court found they had helped stop the car, but had not been involved in the search or bribe negotiation.


  • acquit: to state officially that someone is not guilty of the crime they were accused of - ตัดสินให้พ้นโทษ
  • bribe: money or a present given to someone so that they will help you doing something dishonest or illegal - สินบน
  • checkpoint: a place where people have to stop so their vehicles and documents can be checked - ด่านตรวจ
  • demand: to ask for something very firmly - เรียกร้อง, ต้องการ
  • device (noun): a machine or piece of equipment that does a particular job - อุปกรณ์ เครื่องมือ เครื่องจักร
  • drop charges: to decide that the accusations made against a person are not correct and should not be taken to court - ยกฟ้อง
  • embassy: a building where a group of officials work who represent their government in a foreign country - สถานทูต
  • extort: to try to illegally obtain something by force or threat - รีดไถ
  • incident: something that happens, usually something bad - เหตุการณ์
  • state: government - รัฐ
  • vape (v): to inhale and exhale vapour containing nicotine and flavoring produced by a device designed for this purpose -
  • vape (n): a device used for inhaling vapour containing nicotine and flavoring -
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