Don Muang Tollway rates to rise in December

Don Muang Tollway
Don Muang Tollway

Driving on the Don Muang Tollway will become more expensive in December, when increases of 5-15 baht take effect.

The new tolls will range from 40 to 170 baht, the operator Don Muang Tollway Plc announced on Thursday. The new rates will take effect for five years from Dec 22 this year to Dec 21, 2029, in line with its concession with the Department of Highways, which runs until September 2034.

New tolls on the Don Muang-National Memorial section will be 40 baht for four-wheelers (up from 35 baht) and 50 baht for vehicles with more wheels (up from 45 baht).

From Din Daeng to Don Muang and vice versa, tolls will be 90 baht for four-wheelers (up from 80 baht) and 120 baht for bigger vehicles (up from 110 baht).

From the National Memorial to Din Daeng, tolls will be 130 baht for four-wheelers (up from 115 baht) and 170 baht for bigger vehicles (up from 155 baht).

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  • concession: a right that is given to a person or group to do a particular activity - สัมปทาน
  • in line with: following a rule or system; also in accordance with and consistent with - สอดคล้องกับ
  • take effect: to begin to be used or required - ส่งผล
  • toll (noun): the amount of money that a person must pay to travel on a special road or "tollway". -
  • tollway: a long wide road that you have to pay to drive on - โทลล์เวย์, ทางด่วน
  • vice versa (adv): used to say that the opposite of what you have just said is also true - ในทางกลับกัน, ในทำนองกลับกัน

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