Visiting Obama gets no rest

Visiting Obama gets no rest

Visiting presidents get no time off for jet lag, it seems. President Obama's workday begins as soon as he gets off the plane at Don Mueang. Meanwhile, preparations continue for his visit.

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US officials make yet another trip to Government House in preparation for President Obama’s visit there Sunday evening. CHANAT KATANYU

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Visiting Obama gets no rest

Visiting presidents get no time off for jet lag, it seems.

Despite the 12-hour time difference between Washington DC and Bangkok, US President Barack Obama will not even set foot in his hotel until after the day’s business here is finished.

The US president will arrive on Sunday afternoon at Don Mueang airport and travel directly to the Grand Palace where US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be waiting for him, a city police source said.

They will travel on to Siriraj Hospital where they will have an audience with His Majesty the King, the source added.

Mr Obama would then travel to Government House to have dinner with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, said the source, adding that after the dinner, he would have a meeting with about 600 US embassy staff at Chulalongkorn University's sports complex.

At the end of the day, Mr Obama would check in at the Four Seasons Hotel on Ratchaprasong Road.

Security is already tight at Government House. CHANAT KATANYU

Snipers will be deployed along the routes Mr Obama travels from the day he arrives until he leaves, the source said. The only place Thai security officials will have sole charge is at Siriraj Hospital where His Majesty the King is staying. Security there is already at a maximum.

The US president is scheduled to leave Bangkok for Myanmar on Monday.

Although the president’s trip is a short one, some here are worried it could have lasting, unwanted effects. Of special concern will be his invitation to Thailand to join the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) to free up trade between the United States and other member countries. There are 11 at the moment.

Critics worry it will put Thailand at a disadvantage, especially in the areas of banking, intellectual property and the service industries.

Adapted from a story in today's Bangkok

jet lag – the feeling of being tired and slightly confused after a long plane journey, especially when there is a big difference in the time at the place you leave and that at the place you arrive in อาการอ่อนเพลียจากการเดินทางด้วยเครื่องบินเป็นเวลานาน
set foot – to enter or visit a place  เข้าไปอยู่, เดินทางเข้าไป
source – someone who gives information แหล่งข่าว
audience – a formal meeting that you have with an important person, expecially royalty การเข้าเฝ้า
embassy – a group of officials who represent their government in a foreign country สถานทูต
staff – all the workers employed by a person or organisation considered as a group คณะผู้ทำงาน, คนงาน
complex – a large building with various connected rooms or a related group of buildings
security – protection; systems providing for safety from attack, harm, or damage ระบบรักษาความปลอดภัย
sniper – someone who shoots at people from a hidden place มือปืนดักยิง, ผู้ลอบยิง, สไนเพอะ
deploy – (of police or soldiers) to put in place ready for action ส่ง (ทหารตำรวจ) ประจำการ
route – the roads used to go from one place to another เส้นทาง
sole – only เดี่ยวๆ
charge – a position of having control over somebody/something; responsibility for somebody/something หน้าที่,ความรับผิดชอบ
maximum – the most possible ที่สูงสุด ที่มากที่สุด
scheduled – planned to happen at a particular time or day ตามตารางเวลา
lasting – continuing to exist or have an effect for a long time ที่กินเวลานาน
concern – a worry ความกังวล
invitation – a written or spoken request asking someone to meet you or to do something with you คำเชิญ
Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) – a free-trade agreement among certain Asia-Pacific countries ความตกลงหุ้นส่วนยุทธศาสตร์ทางเศรษฐกิจภาคพื้นแปซิฟิก
critic – a person who expresses disapproval of somebody/something and talks about their bad qualities, especially publicly ผู้วิจารณ์, ผู้วิเคราะห์
disadvantage – something that makes someone or something less effective, successful or attractive ข้อเสียเปรียบ ข้อด้อย
intellectual property – something that someone has created or invented and that no one else is legally allowed to make, copy, or sell ทรัพย์สินทางปัญญา
service industry – an industry in that part of the economy that creates services rather than objects for sale ธุรกิจบริการ

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