Bangkok Post: Learning English channel เรียนภาษาอังกฤษจาก ข่าวบางกอกโพสต์ เพลงสากล คำศัพท์

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Here, you'll get key stories of the day in both text and sound in 3 different levels to suite your English knowledge. And to make your life easier, vocabularies bubbles will instantly let you know the meanings of difficult words. Not to mention, music videos and much more for you to enjoy and let you learn English a lot easier and fun.

You'll know the levels of each article by icons;

  • icon for advanced level,
  • icon for intermediate level and
  • icon for beginner level.

If you're not so sure what English level you are on, we challenge you to start by doing a mini test to know your current skills.

Apart from the above, we also have many parts that will help you to understand English and news better, such as English conversations for workers, word of the day or the ability to let you find schools and courses.

All these can be learnt and enjoy for free, any time, without the need to sit in classes.