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order (ความเป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อย)


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Meaning 3:

order - the way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to each other - ลำดับ


Meaning 4:

order (verb) - to use your position of authority to tell somebody to do something or say that something must happen - สั่ง


The Beijing government ordered him to stop.

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Meaning 6:

order (noun) - a group of people living in a religious community, especially monks or nuns - นิกาย


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Meaning 7:

order (noun) - something that somebody is told to do by somebody in authority - คำสั่ง


The People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) chief vowed to defy all orders issued under the emergency decree.

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Meaning 8:

order - a monastic order, an organization of monks or nuns in some religion such as Theravadan Buddhism or Catholicism -


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Meaning 10:

order - order food; to ask for certain food on the menu to be prepared in a restaurant -


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Meaning 11:

Order (noun) - a group of people who have been given a special honour by a queen, king, president, etc. -


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