Welcome home Amanda

Welcome home Amanda

Of course, Udon Thani had a welcome home parade for its Asian game gold medal winner Amanda Carr – and, of course, it involved bicycles.

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Amanda tours Udon Thani bicycle as happy residents line the roads to applaud her for her Asian Games gold medal. Photos by Thanark Khunton

Welcome home Amanda

Amanda Carr, Thailand's gold medal winner in the BMX bicycling race, went back to her mother's home today in Udon Thani.

It is her Thai home too since she goes there every year for about one month.

She received a very warm welcome at the airport from relatives, friends and important government officials like the governor.

A warm airport welcome.

She then joined a parade. Yes, of course, it was a bicycle parade. She and about 200 other cyclists went all around the city as residents lined the roads to cheer her.

Tonight, there will be a celebration and a special northeastern Thai blessing ceremony (พิธีบายศรีสู่ขวัญ) for her and her Thai mother and American father who are with her.

Kisses for a slightly embarrassed Amanda from her proud parents.

For sure, she will eat some som tam because there is also going to be a som-tam-making contest.

Amanda expects to return to her Florida home in the United States on October 17.

Amanda may have grown up in the United States, but she has a wonderful Thai – northeastern Thai -- personality. Watch:

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