TEST YOURSELF: Making reading cool again

TEST YOURSELF: Making reading cool again

Photo by Varuth Hirunyatheb
Photo by Varuth Hirunyatheb

Books aren’t dead, and neither are book fairs

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Read the following story by Tatat Bunnag from the Bangkok Post. Then, answer the questions that follow.

The Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand (Pubat) is launching its 49th National Book Fair and 19th Bangkok International Book Fair in both the digital and physical format. The National Book Fair will be held virtually from April 17-25 while the in-person event is postponed to next month.

More than 223 publishing houses have been confirmed to take part in the event this year including Book Wonderland, General Books, Education, Children's Books, Old Books, Foreign Books and Fiction.

"Everyone had a tough year in 2020,” said Chonrungsri Chalermchaikit, president of Pubat. “Most of the famous book fairs across the world and in Thailand did not take place physically.”

According to the research by Pubat, the total market value of the Thai publishing industry in 2020 was approximately 12 billion baht. In 2021, if the Covid-19 situation begins to improve due to vaccine rollouts, the market value will rise to 15 billion baht. The most popular category among readers is still fiction and comics, followed by books on self-development and political history. The most common purchase channels according to survey data of book fair attendees are bookstores at 81%, online channels at 61% and e-books at 20%.

As always, this year's National Book Fair comes with a special theme of "Reading Is Cool". The new theme aims to encourage people to change their views about reading and discover what kind of books suit their lifestyles. No matter what genre or style you choose, you can be cool in your own way.

"Today, reading has given way to social media, text messages and other distractions, so one may say it is hard to return to books as it is a dead format. While we do have access to all kinds of mediums to choose how we read such as smartphones, e-readers, and tablets, the most important thing is to be able to read and access knowledge since that is the coolest thing," said Chonrungsri. "There are trends emerging all the time, like new restaurants, surf skating, or the Clubhouse app. So, our goal is to make reading become trendy again."

"One of our special guests is a well-known rapper who we will only reveal on the day of the event. He'll be there to share the story of how reading books helped him compose songs and got him where he is today," she said.

The 49th National Book Fair & Bangkok International Book Fair 2021 will be held virtually between April 17-25 at ThaiBookFair.com. The physical event will be held from May 15-23 at Bitec Bangna.

Section 1: Write the correct answer in the space provided.
1. How many National Book Fairs have there been before this year? …………….
2. In which month is this year’s physical book fair? …………….
3. How many polishing houses will take part this year? …………….
4. By how much is Thai publishing’s market value expected to rise this year? …………….
5. Where do most book fair attendees buy books?…………..
6.A rapper has composed a song about the fair. True or false? …………….

Section 2: Read the following passage. Then, fill in the blanks with the correct words from the choices given.
…7… the latest outbreak, Pubat has announced that it will go ahead with the book fair as …8… . However, for the event to …9…, the book fair has …10… measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
7. __A. After             __B. Without                __C. Despite
8. __A. same                 __B. planned               __C. ever
9. __A. work            __B. happening              __C. do
10. __A. done            __B. implemented            __C. did

Section 3: Find words that match the following definitions.
11. in a way that exists and can be touched or seen ……………
12. delayed an event until a later time ……………
13. the subject or topic of an event ……………
14. fashionable or up to date …………

Answers: 1. 48. 2. May. 3. more than 223. 4. 3 billion baht. 5. bookstores. 6. false. 7. c. 8. b. 9. a. 10. b. 11. physical. 12. postponed. 13. theme. 14. trendy.

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