TEST YOURSELF: Couch surfing

TEST YOURSELF: Couch surfing

Photo courtesy of Netflix
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Satisfy your wanderlust with these shows

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Read the following story by Eric E Surbano from the Bangkok Post’s Guru Magazine. Then, answer the questions that follow.

While travel is mostly impossible at the moment, the itch to visit new places grows every day. Here are a few TV shows (and an app) that can take you around the world!

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father
Travel to: Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, USA and Australia

The show is a classic gap year trip that many European backpackers take, but Jack wanted to do it with his dad. The carefree Jack and the uptight, and at times out-of-touch, Michael make for a great comedy pairing.
Don't miss: A lot of the first season takes place in Thailand and features a lot of ridiculous things from Michael, like meeting Steven Seagal and adopting a luk thep doll.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted
Disney+ Hotstar
Travel to: Alaska, Mexico, Morocco and a whole lot more

The two seasons see Gordon Ramsay going all around the world from Guyana to Louisiana, learning about their different food and try to make it himself. For those who love visiting new countries and trying their food, this is definitely a show you want to check out.
Don't miss: The last episode of the first season shows Gordon travelling to Alaska where he finds himself having to cook outside in the freezing cold.

The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals
Travel to: Bali, USA, the Bahamas and more

You've probably watched many shows that feature places where you can only hope to visit. That's what sets this show apart as it tries to cover all budget-level traveller options, from the cheapest to the most luxurious.
Don't miss: There's an episode on private islands that has a property that costs US$15,000 (B494,322) a night, and there's also one that's a lighthouse.

Hamish And Andy's Gap Year
Travel to: Asia, Europe and South America

The two Aussie comedians Hamish and Andy have had their videos go viral thanks to their hilarious antics. They've also travelled around the world, to Cambodia, Tokyo and many more.
Don't miss: The episode in Thailand has a Muay Thai match... with a bunch of kids. It's hilarious.

NHK World-Japan
App available on iOS and Android
Travel to: Japan

Who doesn't want to pay a "visit" to Japan? From comedy-dramas to a documentary that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Japanese railway system, this app gives you more than enough to satisfy your longing to travel to Japan.
Don't miss: One of the best shows is Cycle Around Japan where a number of foreign cyclists take you through different places in the country.

Section 1: Write the correct answer in the space provided.
1. Which show features cheap places to stay? …………….
2. Which show is not shown on TV? …………….
3. Which channel has a father and son show? …………….
4. Which chef visits Morocco? …………….
5. Which show features bicycles?…………..
6. Who meets Steven Seagal? …………….

Section 2: Read the following passage. Then, fill in the blanks with the correct words from the choices given.
Two men …7… motorcycles for more than 21,000km and through 13 countries. Viewers see the wonderful and …8… environment, people and culture. But it's not …9… a laid-back road trip, since they're riding new electric motorcycles, …10… makes the trip a little more challenging.

7. __A. rides             __B. ride                    __C. ridden
8. __A. diversion             __B. diverse              __C. diversion
9. __A. just                __B. ever               __C. was
10. __A. who            __B. which                __C. what

Section 3: Find words that match the following definitions.
11. foolish and deserving to be laughed at ……………
12. certainly or without a doubt ……………
13. very funny ……………
14. to make happy or contented …………

Answers: 1. The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. 2. Hamish And Andy's Gap Year. 3. Netflix. 4. Gordon Ramsay. 5. Cycle Around Japan. 6. Michael Whitehall. 7. b. 8. b. 9. a. 10. b. 11. ridiculous. 12. definitely. 13. hilarious. 14. satisfy.

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