VIDEO: This Week's Top Stories March 5

VIDEO: This Week's Top Stories March 5

A dead body, protests, pollution and Covid passports

Horrified holidaymakers found part of a human body caught under their car when they stopped at a petrol station in Trat last Friday.

Thai media reported there was a torso, arms and legs, but no head, caught under the car.

Thirty-three people were injured during an anti-government rally in Bangkok on Sunday night.

One police officer on duty died of a heart attack. He had heart disease.

Chiang Mai was ranked as the third most air-polluted city in the world on Wednesday, with high levels of PM2.5 dust.

An air quality monitoring station in Muang district reported PM2.5 of 102 µg/m3.

The prime minister ordered the Foreign Ministry to conduct a study into Covid-19 vaccine passports.

The passport includes certification that its owner has been vaccinated against the coronavirus disease.


  • certification: an official document stating that someone has passed an examination or has achieved the qualifications necessary to do something - เอกสารการรับรอง
  • heart attack (noun): a sudden serious medical condition in which the heart stops working normally, sometimes causing death - อาการหัวใจวาย
  • horrified: very shocked or frightened - หวาดกลัว, ตกใจ
  • injured (adj): hurt in an accident, natural disaster, attack, etc. - ได้รับบาดเจ็บ
  • polluted: (of water, air, land) having dirty or harmful substances so that it is no longer pleasant or safe to use - ซึ่งเป็นมลพิษ
  • study: a project that looks at some subject in great detail and produces a report to share the information - งานวิจัย
  • torso: the main part of the body, not including the head, arms or legs - ลำตัว
  • vaccinate: to give someone a vaccine, usually by injection (putting a liquid, especially a drug, into a person's body using a needle and a syringe), to prevent them from getting a disease - ฉีดวัคซีน
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