VIDEO: This Week's Top Stories June 11

VIDEO: This Week's Top Stories June 11

Koh Tao deaths, vaccine shots, phone zombies and Phuket pessimism

A wealthy Thai-Indian couple were found drowned in a hotel pool on Koh Tao while holidaying on the island.

Police found no signs of a struggle or any other signs of foul play at the scene.

CCTV cameras at the hotel had not been working for several months due to lack of maintenance.

Thailand administered at least 300,000 Covid-19 vaccination shots on the first day of the nation's inoculation drive on Monday.

Two kinds of vaccine were used on the first day, China's Sinovac and locally-made AstraZeneca.

A South Korean designer has come up with a satirical solution for "smartphone zombies" who can't take their eyes off their screen.

A robotic eyeball, which users strap to their foreheads, beeps to warn of any obstacles.

Businesses have responded cautiously to the plan to reopen Phuket to vaccinated foreign tourists next month.

Operators aren't confident they will be able to draw tourists back to the resort island due to the tough requirements for visitors.


  • administer (verb): to give drugs, medicine, etc. to somebody - ให้ (ยา), จ่ายยา
  • cautiously: in a way that is careful to avoid danger or possible problems - อย่างระมัดระวัง
  • confident: being certain of your abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future - มั่นใจ
  • drive: a planned effort to achieve something - การผลักดัน,ความพยายาม
  • drown: to sink under water and die - จมน้ำ
  • foul play: violence or criminal action that causes someone’s death - อาชญากรรม
  • inoculation (noun): an act of protecting a person or an animal from catching a particular disease by injecting them with a mild form of the disease - การฉีดวัคซีน,
  • maintenance: the act of keeping something in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly - การซ่อมบำรุง
  • obstacle: an object that you must move or go around in order to move forward - อุปสรรค, สิ่งกีดขวาง
  • pessimism (noun): thinking or feeling that the future will be bad - การมองดูในแง่ร้าย,ลัทธิมองโลกในแง่ร้าย,การหมดอาลัยตายอยาก
  • requirements (noun): things that you must have or do in order to do or get something else - ข้อกำหนด, ข้อบังคับ
  • satirical (adj): using satire (humour showing faults or weaknesses) to criticize somebody/something - เสียดสี,เปรียบเปรย,เหน็บแนม,ถากถาง,เยาะเย้ย
  • struggle: a difficult fight or an attempt to defeat someone - การต่อสู้เพื่อความอยู่รอด
  • wealthy: having a large amount of money, land, and other valuable things   - ที่มั่งคั่ง ร่ำรวย
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