When in doubt, have fun

Since opening Artist + Run in Bangkok, Angkrit Ajchariyasophon's curatorial work has somewhat supplanted his artistic practice. But the day-to-day management of his busy gallery on Narathiwas 22 and off-site exhibitions hasn't kept him from producing new works, which have been exhibited in Thailand and abroad.

Artist + Fun event at Artist + Run Photo: Thaivijit Puengkasemsomboon

During the course of three days, the artist from Chiang Rai will open his Charoen Krung studio to the public as a performance and participatory experience titled "Artist + Fun", held under the umbrella of the ongoing Bangkok Biennial.

From tomorrow to Sunday, the artist will be present -- although he won't just be staring silently into visitors' eyes. Angkrit will paint at his studio, just as he will cook, eat, listen to music and converse with his audience, about his artistic practice or any other topic one wishes to bring up.

When In Doubt, Paint Red will be the title of his work, a title reminiscent of the artist's Shades of Red series exhibited at Gallery VER in 2017, in which he explored post-coup politics and distortion of facts through the enlargement of 100 baht bank bills.

While Angkrit has already started working on his new painting, the audience is invited to help him complete it. "People can come to write, to colour, or even simply to look and chat," he says.

Located on Charoen Krung 24, the studio is on the third floor of an old shophouse, which also hosts Poop Press by Unchalee Anantawat and POMP by Jeff Gompertz.

"Every space has the possibility of becoming a space for art and participation, to be an inspirational place to learn and understand together," Angkrit writes. "We are all people before becoming artists. At Artist + Fun, we stop making art and we start having fun."

Artist + Fun will take place from tomorrow through Sunday from 10am until 10pm, as a pavilion of the Bangkok Biennial. It is located on the third floor at 11 Charoen Krung 24, Talad Noi, Bangkok.

For further information, contact 099-454-5955. Logo design by Thaivijit Puengkasemsomboon.