Mixed-media souvenirs

The exhibition will wrap up on May 26. Photo courtesy of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Artists from Thailand and the Netherlands have joined hands to present conceptual art during the "Souvenir" exhibition which is running at The People's Gallery, 2nd floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Pathumwan intersection, until May 26.

On display is a series of soft sculptures made from natural fibres and nylon plastics combined with fashion design, video projection, photography and mixed media artworks by Corsage-Studio, a collective of conceptual artist Rabin Huissen and video artist Robert Stroomberg, and Thai artist Thosaporn Suthum.

The group exhibition highlights the juxtaposition of natural next to artificial, geometric next to organic, blackness next to colourful, time(less) next to the present(moment) and memory next to matter.

The Rotterdam-based collective took inspiration from their visits to Thailand over the years, starting with buying a souvenir, a sun hat, in the souvenir shop of The King's Summer Palace in Hua Hin. They found out that sometimes a souvenir can become more than a memory.

They mix design with visual arts to develop clothing concepts rather than fashion collections. They create design and art from their outsider's point of view, with a background in conceptual art, illustration, video and photography.

The art of Thosaporn, meanwhile, is based on the concept of dhamma. She attempts to create artworks by being independent of time while being in the moment without including it. In this way, her works are the materialisation of her attempts to be aware of the moment and of herself in time while creating the work. One could say that her artworks represent the visualisation of a memory in time.

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