Street art in Samui

Central joins force with TAT to add colour to the popular destination

Kanjanapisek Convention Center.

You can now add a photo-taking spree to your Samui itinerary. Central Festival Samui, in co-operation with TAT and various partners, is hosting a mini street art fest for the inaugural edition of "Samui, The Island of Happiness" campaign until January. Six noted artists -- three Thais and three foreigners -- have adorned six landmarks on Samui so tourists and locals can add cool shots to their IG feeds. I checked in at all of them to give you a gist.

Central Festival Samui

Find murals by two Japanese artists at this spot. Baron Ueda gives you a huge anime girl wearing a hoodie and drinking from a coconut. He is inspired by stories of his friends travelling to Samui. Further in the back and next to a patch of green grass, you should be able to find a colourful piece by "Shin" Ichiro Kitai. He illustrates To-Fu Oyaku, his tofu cartoon character, and its friends visiting Samui. It is so kawaii that you may let out a long awww.

COSI Samui Chaweng Beach

Next door from Central Festival Samui, you can find another mural to pose with. Thanachai Ujjin, who's known as the frontman of Moderndog and for his abstract art, has graced a wall in the lobby with a mural of naughty monkey, Samui's mascot. The creature is, of course, a symbol of fun. Observe closely, and you'll find another creature.

Central Festival Samui.

Guan-Yu Shrine.

Kanjanapisek Convention Center

Enjoy cool breeze as you snap away at this huge piece by Rearngsak Boonyavanishkul. His pair of wild horses roaring up to the sky adorns the entire wall of the centre. They look powerful and majestic and the painted sky above them almost seamlessly blends in with the real sky above. Very impressive in size and its sheer beauty. This is the first time the veteran Thai artist paints on a public space.

Nathon Community

Argentinian artist Patricio Oliver, who's known for his character design for Cartoon Network, adds a colourful wall to the Nathon Community. It portrays various creatures and anthropomorphic natural elements riding a big wave of fun together. He wants to celebrate the fun-loving nature that Thais and Argentinians share.

Guan-Yu Shrine

Wish for an auspicious stay in Samui and take photos with Alex Face's work at the Guan-Yu Shrine. Patcharapon Tangruen, aka Alex Face, showcases Mardi, his signature three-eyed baby, as usual. Mardi, which is inspired by his daughter, is swimming while putting her hands together to pay respects to the towering statue of Guan-Yu nearby.

Cosi Samui Chaweng Beach.

Nathon Community.

Coke Haadthip and Big Camera are running Facebook contests to give you some incentive to snap selfies with them.

Take a photo with the artworks while creatively incorporating Coke in it and post it for a chance to win a dry bag (B699). Participants must name the picture, end their caption with "It's always Coke at Samui", mention @CokeHaadthip and add hashtags #หาดทิพย์, #CokeHaadthip, #Haadthip, and #CocaCola. It runs until Dec 25.

Big Camera hosts a contest where you take a photo with one of the six works, name it, end your caption with "Let's show a nice shot", and mention Big Camera with #BIGCAMERA. Follow these steps for a chance to win a Happy Smile Instax Mini Liplay (B5,490) or a 30" by 40" Happy Smile Canvas (B3,490). It runs from Dec 20 to Jan 12, 2020.

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