Explore your subconscious with vibes of the ocean

If you love staring at the sea, you shouldn't miss "The Sea Remembers Us" exhibition running at Subhashok The Arts Centre until May 10.

On show are more than 20 acrylics on canvas, most of them realistic portraitures by Surachai "Niam" Mawornkanong, an established artist who imparts thoughtful stories of human livelihood by using the vast sea as a narrator.

Specialising in intricate acrylic painting that often projects a quality reminiscent of well-assembled oil works, the artist is reputed for using art to captivate viewers' attention and then setting them free to explore their own subconsciousness.

Even though he doesn't feel anything is special about the sea, many of his previous works have imagery of the sea in the background. "Often, I see a picture out of the blue -- sometimes it is projected on a wall or even on a space between floor tiles in my bathrooms," he said.

He worked on this series in the way he saw the sea and everything around him, starting off with the horizon and then visualising the spiral waves and how light is reflected off them. While painting, he spent time observing and waiting, with the feeling that anything can happen at any time in the vast emptiness of the sea.

"All of this might give us some meaning or a lesson to think about or maybe all we need to do is just step back and look from a distance," concluded Surachai.

Subhashok The Arts Centre is on Sukhumvit 33 and is open from Tuesday until Friday, 10am-6pm and 11am-6pm, on both Saturday and Sunday.

Friends (2019). Subhashok The Arts Centre

Death And Rebirth No.1 (2019). photos courtesy of Subhashok The Arts Centre

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