Forget K-pop, here's real K-art

Ink paintings by Ye Hyang. photos courtesy of Korean Cultural Center

The Korean Cultural Center is giving everyone a chance to witness the beauty of traditional Korean ink painting during the "Spring Picnic" exhibition, which is running until July 31.

On display is a collection of 43 ink paintings, or sumuk in Korea, which refers to a style using traditional materials and techniques, including hanji (Korean traditional paper), brush, Korean ink and colours.

Sumuk is a classical genre of fine art that has become popularised and recognised as one of the main cultural contents of Asian art. It's a common cultural heritage of various Asian countries and is recently drawing attention in the art field.

It differs vastly from Western painting in terms of materials, techniques and objectives, as well as in its emphasis on expressions of the artist's mentality and the importance placed on voids and lines.

Created by Thailand-based Korean artist Ye Hyang, her ink paintings portrays the most beautiful scenery of South Korea in the spring through impressive images of landscapes, apricot flowers, peacocks and other natural surroundings.

The collection also includes 19 calligraphy works, most of which are written in Chinese characters.

The exhibition can be viewed daily from 9am to 5pm on weekdays. The Korean Cultural Center is located between Sukhumvit 15 and 17. There is no admission fee.

Ink paintings by Korean artist Ye Hyang. Korean Cultural Center


Ink paintings by Korean artist Ye Hyang. Korean Cultural Center

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