Recreation of a master's work

'The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger' brings classic Tiffany to Iconsiam

'The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger' collection displayed at Tiffany & Co's store at The Emporium.

Like many other artists, the late Jean Schlumberger drew inspiration from nature. His beautiful creations, however, differ with a sense of movement of the flora and fauna, imbued in fine jewellery.

"I try to make everything look as if it were growing, uneven, organic. I want to capture the irregularity of the universe," said Tiffany & Co's celebrated designer.

Until June 29, "The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger" high-jewellery collection is available at the brand's store in Iconsiam, after having been displayed at The Emporium.

The platinum and yellow gold recreations include the Flower Ring featuring an oval rubellite tourmaline, surrounded by flowers set with round-brilliant diamonds.

With its delicate wings sparkling with pear-shaped pink sapphires, a butterfly flickers among boughs with bow-shaped branches and white-pavé diamond leaves on the Monarque Necklace.

Marine-inspired clips include the Sea Star with round-brilliant diamonds; and Sea Flower embellished with cultured pearls and round-brilliant diamonds.

Sea Flower clip embellished with cultured pearls and round-brilliant diamonds.

A native of Alsace in France, Schlumberger was a banker before turning into a jewellery designer, who started with mounting porcelain flowers and gemstones on clips.

His first piece in precious metal and gemstones was a gold cigarette lighter, shaped like a fish with gemstone eyes and flexible tail.

In the late 1940s, the French designer left Europe for New York, where he and his childhood friend Nicolas Bongard opened a small salon selling ­bejewelled clips with birds and sea creatures motifs. They became coveted accessories, worn by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Babe Paley.

In 1956, Tiffany & Co's chairman Walter Hoving appointed Schlumberger and Bongard as vice-presidents, who worked in a special design studio with an unlimited supply of the finest coloured stones for fashioning the brand's jewellery.

An exhibition marked his 30th anniversary with the company in 1986, and a year after he passed away at the age of 80.

His legacy of bird clips include Oiseau de Paradis with yellow beryl, amethysts, emeralds and sapphires; and Sea Bird that combines a bird's beak and head with a serpent's body in pavé diamonds, rubies and spike-like gold plumage. They were actually inspired by his travels to Bali, India and Thailand.

The Bird on a Rock brooch first appeared in 1965, and became one of his classic designs. The original featured yellow and white diamonds on the head, body and tail, an emerald eye, and a cabochon lapis lazuli rock.

The new high-jewellery collection also includes recreations with round diamonds and a pink sapphire, in three variations with a cushion-cut citrine, and a pink or green tourmaline rock.

Each brooch is unique and comes to life, when the jeweller and stone setter determine the exact position and perch of the bird.

Monarque Necklace with pear-shaped pink sapphires and round-brilliant diamonds.

Bird on a Rock brooches with cushion-cut citrine, green or pink tourmaline.

Yellow gold and platinum Bird on a Rock Brooches with cushion-cut citrine, green or pink tourmaline.

Flower Ring with an oval rubellite tourmaline and round-brilliant diamonds.

Yellow gold and platinum Bird on a Rock Brooches with cushion-cut citrine, green or pink tourmaline.