Take a child's-eye view of the world

Performance artist Dujdao Vadhanpakorn wants to take everyone on a journey of self-discovery with Simplify, a visual installation and performance piece that will be staged at the Studio, 4th floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Pathumwan intersection, from Aug 5-8 at 7pm.

(Photo courtesy of The Workshoppers by Empathy Sauce)

The one-hour performance is a collaboration with Zieght Project whose Zpaceship series, broadcast live on Facebook during the Covid-19 lockdown, caught the attention of Dujdao.

Simplify is inspired by a six-year-old friend of Dujdao's and how this little girl perceives the world around her. The girl's ability to simplify the world led Dujdao to the realisation that a childlike approach can encourage us to move beyond our own mental limitations and, in turn, reward us with new possibilities that might be otherwise missed when looked at in the over-complicated way that adults tend to view the world. The trick, says Dujdao, is to simplify our perception. In other words, don't adorn or complicate our thoughts, and we will see more possible solutions to a problem -- or find out that it's not actually a problem in the first place.

Based on the assumption that every six-year-old has the innate skill to see problems as they really are, every adult should therefore locate their inner six-year-old self.

Joining Dujdao on stage to spiral within to meet their inner six-year-old self throughout the four rounds of this semi-improvisational and movement-based performance will be dancers Amornsri Pattanasitdanggul, Navinda Pachimsawat and Sasapin Siriwanij.

After the show, perhaps audiences will be able to look at all the heaviness they have been facing over the challenging past few months with a simplified mentality and discover tools that they haven't yet used to deal with their issues.

Tickets cost 380 baht. For bookings, visit facebook.com/TheWorkshoppers.th or call 093-629-6639.