Artistic freedom is free at BACC

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is currently sponsoring free space to support artists affected by the Covid-19 crisis as part of its BACC Art Space Sharing project. Check out some of the activities that will be taking place at BACC in the upcoming weeks:

Aug 1 – Loan Officer

Loan Officer. BACC

Inspired by the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the play follows a group of loan officers in a decision-making firefight as the disaster comes crashing in. Presented by Ninart Studio, Loan Officer is an original play written and directed by Ninart Boonpothong. Two sessions are available on the day at 1pm and 4pm at the 4th Floor studio of BACC. Admission is free. Contact and reserve seats at

Aug 5-8 – Simplify

Simplify. BACC

This is a visual installation and performance by Zieght Project and Dujdao Vadhanapakorn, a dance movement psychotherapist. Simplify, a semi-improvisational movement-based performance, looks at the world through child-like simplification. Dujdao also invites three other dancers to explore this simple self in a relaxed and uplifting show. Tickets are 380 baht. The show will be held at 7-8pm at the 4th Floor studio. Reserve tickets at 093-629-6639 or

Aug 15 – Introduction Of Contact Improvisation For Lovers

Introduction Of Contact Improvisation For Lovers. photos courtesy of BACC

This contact improvisation workshop focuses on the relationship between two bodies through touch, weight, awareness and response to seek a balance in coexistence. Instructors include choreographer Arisara Kaewmuang and stage actor Kawin Pichitkul, with Ajjima Pacharadumrongkul leading the group conversation. The workshop will run betwen 1-5pm at the Friends of BACC room on the 6th Floor. Registration costs 1,600 baht. Contact 094-614-9326 and Line ID: mixximixxi.

The BACC Art Space Sharing project will continue until the end of August. Interested artists looking for a venue to organise plays, concerts, workshops and more can apply for a free space at BACC, though the cost of insurance and equipment service may apply. Contact or call 02-214-6630 ext 534.