Celebrate Mexican independence through film

Elena And The Shadows (2016). (Photo: Embassy of Mexico)

Here is a rare chance to watch a score of Mexican movies anytime and anywhere -- free of charge. The Embassy of Mexico is holding the "Mexico In Thailand 45 Years Online Film Festival" from today until Sept 30.

Held to mark the 210th anniversary of Mexico becoming independent and the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Thailand, the online film fest brings 18 Mexican productions that show the multicultural and diverse social landscape of its people.

Divided into categories, the films will be featured online at diplomaciacultural.mx/canal/tailandia and audiences will be required to register at forms.gle/hVqbB7GEL8rk4n1G9 to get access to each category.

There are 11 short films lasting from seven to 15 minutes. The line-up includes Tintico's Afternoons (2012); The Trumpeteer (2014); Barnyard Aces (2015); Elena And The Shadows (2016); The Aeronauts (2016); Stardust (2017); and Gina (2018).

Three fiction films will also be presented for only three days from Friday to Sunday. They include Mist (Bruma) from 2017; Shake Your Sorrows (Sacúdete Las Penas) also from 2017; and Esmeralda's Twilight (Cría Puercos), from 2018.

The other four movies are documentaries and will be available from Sept 25-27. They are Disrupted (Quebranto) from 2013; Intimate Battles (Batallas Íntimas) from 2016; They Called Me King Tiger (Me Llamaban King Tiger) from 2017; and To Die In The Desert (A Morir A Los Desiertos) from 2017.

All films are in Spanish with English subtitles, except for some short films which are in English.

For more information, email poltai@sre.gob.mx or cmorenom@sre.gob.mx.