Art with a message on display

Bangkokians have the opportunity to enjoy several art exhibitions in October. Here are our two picks which portray totally different issues.

My Little Garden

Until Nov 1 at Palette Artspace

Free Admission

"My Little Garden" by Kyoko Abe Palette Artspace

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed a challenge for people around the world, including those in the art industry. However, Japanese painter Kyoko Abe, who is based in Bangkok and graduated from Fukuoka Designer School considers the Year of the Rat a special year for her. Her vivid and fun collection "My Little Garden" depicts her positive energy and feelings of joy from anything around her.

'My Little Garden' by Kyoko Abe. photos courtesy of Palette Artspace

"My Little Garden brings me happiness and reminds me to appreciate the things I already have. For this series, I turned my everyday happiness such as a mushroom bloom, blossoming flowers, a stray cat giving birth, and my daughter's birthday into paintings. I hope that you will feel happy as well when you look at the paintings," said Kyoko Abe.

1 2 10

Until Nov 8 at Joyman Gallery

Free Admission

"1 2 10 (One to Ten)" by 40 Thai contemporary artists. photos courtesy of

This exhibition displays artworks from 40 Thai contemporary artists including Gongkan, Nophand Boonyai, Phathaiwat "Top" Changtrakul, Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul and Yuree Kensaku.

'1 2 10 (One To Ten)' by 40 Thai contemporary artists.

"1 2 10 (One To Ten)" is a reminder to count one to 10 in your mind when having to endure something unbearable. One of the curators of the exhibition, Podduan Charoen, came up with the concept after the disappearance of Wanchalerm Satsaksit, a Thai political activist abducted outside his home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Even though authorities often threaten people who criticise them, these artists can no longer stay silent. Their artworks are their messages to the public.

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