Does art intentionally mislead?

Case Space Revolution will present an installation by Thai artist Thanet Awsinsiri who shows how art from the past can be misleading in the eyes of viewers of the present era, from tomorrow until Jan 16 next year.

"Girl With A Pearl Earring" is the title of his art installation that comprises of three series of paintings, sculptures and videos. It demonstrates forms of appropriation where the pre-existing images or objects from art, history, culture and trading systems are presented in a way that changes the context or possibility of art as a means of communication and expression. The result is a new meaning that is different from its original definition.

The exhibition reflects the fact that art created in the past is often misleading from its own context within its period by an altered tint of thought, attitude and appreciation of the beholders, especially for those coming from completely different socio-cultural environments.

From the artist's viewpoint, the appreciation of the beauty of art in accordance with the tastes of our society and era is suffice. However, this may not be the case in the world of knowledge where human endeavour to understand things has no boundaries and, oftentimes, their understanding is merely just an interpretation.

A famous painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer, Girl With A Pearl Earring, which served as inspiration for the exhibition, is a good example. Our attraction to its charm can sometimes make us forget to view it in a rational way.

Case Space Revolution is on the 2nd floor of Broccoli Revolution, corner of Sukhumvit 49, and open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm. The opening reception is tomorrow at 6pm.

A resin sculpture installation by Thanet Awsinsiri. photo courtesy of CASE Space Revolution

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