Picture perfect photo opportunities

Festive light decorations at CentralWorld, one of the most popular places for December photoshoots, are now ready for the public. (Photos: Pongpet Mekloy)

Forget about the pandemic and protests, December is a fun time for shutterbugs and those who love to have their pictures taken. Shopping malls in Bangkok will be lit up with festive light decorations. Here's how to get some new profile pictures from these photo opportunities.

The hotspots for this unofficial annual light festival in Bangkok are located at CentralWorld and nearby malls around Ratchaprasong Intersection. More opportunities can be found in the Siam-MBK shopping district to the west and at shopping centres along Phloenchit and Sukhumvit roads to the east. IconSiam and Samyan Mitrtown, which are located in other areas, are also not to be missed. As usual, all will be open to the public free of charge.

At CentralWorld, for example, despite the fact that Christmas and New Year are still weeks away, light decorations on the open ground on the east side of the building are now ready.

Every evening, friends and families can gather there for pictures. Some are dressed for the purpose while some come with photographers loaded with serious gear.

These days, taking pictures in such low light conditions is not so difficult. Photographic lenses are now more affordable than before. For example, the prices for a secondhand 50mm lens with a maximum aperture of f1.8 or even f1.1 range from only 1,800 to 5,000 baht (When you buy a lens from an online seller, always make sure you see the real thing before you pay though). Also, many smartphones are equipped with cameras that have stunning low-light capability although the field of view may be wider.

For those who may not be confident about taking their own pictures and do not wish to pay for a cameraman, the good news is that there are a lot of budding photographers out there who are eagerly looking for models. Many of them are willing to shoot not for money but for their portfolios.

So how can you find them? It's surprisingly easy.

These photo lovers gather in several Facebook communities. Follow these links, join the groups and choose your photographer.

Guess what? In these groups, you'll also find people offering to model for nothing but just photos in return. If you wish to hone your portrait shooting skill, now you know where to find a subject.

Well, hope you meet the photographer or model you wish for before all are booked up. Make sure you treat them with respect.

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