Two BTS members release Christmas songs as presents to fandom

BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) releases a Christmas song on Thursday. (Photo from BTS - King Taehyung V Facebook fanpage)

As the clock struck midnight in Seoul on Christmas Eve, BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) surprised fans around the world with a new song.

Shared via SoundCloud and featuring co-producer Peakboy, Snow Flower is a smooth, jazzy Christmas tune that exudes love and warmth.

On BTS' blog, V wrote that this year was one when time felt like it stopped, and as the end of the year approaches he is concerned about many people feeling increasingly anxious and depressed.

"For today, I hope that white flowers will come down to your hearts and [you] feel a little warm comfort and happiness," he wrote.

V also shared that because his upcoming first mixtape has been delayed, he worked quickly to create this song and share it with BTS fans, known collectively as Army.

The song arrived just a few hours after fellow BTS member Jimin shared his tender song Christmas Love. The back-to-back releases were well received by fans, who pointed out how V and Jimin are well known as best friends within the act.

The pair even sang about their friendship on the song Friends from the group's February release, the Grammy-nominated Map of the Soul: 7 album.

Jimin's surprise release was shared on YouTube, and additional information was shared on BTS’ blog, which revealed that Jimin co-produced the song with fellow BTS member RM and the group’s long-time producer Slow Rabbit.

In the post, Jimin called the song a Christmas present to BTS’s fandom, Army, and revealed it was inspired by the emotions he felt when he first saw snow in his childhood. He says he wanted to bring about the childish feelings of joy and innocence that people don’t typically express and revel in as they grow up and have responsibility.

The sweet tune features classical Christmas carol bells and twinkling melodies along with lilting strings and powerful synths that bolster Jimin’s sweet message.

“Everyone, you are all worthy of always being loved,” he said in the post, and adds: “I worked hard on [this song] with the wish that everyone can be happy.”

Christmas Love is Jimin’s first solo song not featured on an album since his 2018 track Promise. He also released Filter on BTS’ Grammy-nominated album Map of the Soul: 7 in February.

Soon after, Jimin posted on Twitter that a gift had arrived, sharing the links.

BTS will be spending Christmas headlining the annual music festival show Gayo Daejeon hosted by South Korean broadcaster SBS. The event will be held in Daegu, where BTS’ Suga and V are from. This, and other year-end events featuring K-pop stars, have led to concern about a K-pop Covid-19 cluster as South Korea faces its worst wave in the pandemic yet.