Exhibit examines Kingdom's misogynistic history

Female inequality and shaming is the subject matter of the "Som Ying" exhibition, which is running at Sathorn 11 art space until Jan 31.

Literally meaning a "lady in Thai society", Som Ying was a typical name given to Thai women in the past. However, looking at this from another angle, their femininity has long been treated with discrimination and, in many cases, has been open to exploitation.

In this exhibition, three artists -- Theerapong Kamolpus, Napat Pattaraponlerd and Sirirath Chumyen -- present their perspectives on the problem of inequality in our society that is directly associated with femininity through oil-on-canvas paintings.

Their artworks touch on several issues such as the inequality of revealing the female body, female beauty amid public social problems, and forcing femininity on others through body shaming.

Theerapong focuses on a subject that people in this crazy and busy Thai society pay little attention to while Napat portrays the shaming of the beta male or sissy men by toxic masculinity and fat shaming.

Sirirath, meanwhile, reveals empowerment and social stigma when it comes to female nudity and tattoos on the female body.

Sathorn 11 art space is on Sathon 11 and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to midnight.

Come Rain Or Shine by Theerapong Kamolpus. Sathorn 11 Art Space

There is no admission fee. Visit facebook.com/sathorn11artspace or call 02-004-1199.

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