See the world through a child's eyes

One of the 36 photos showing 'innovations' from the perspectives of children. (Photo courtesy of Yelo House)

Yelo House will present "Dek Lao Mai", an exhibition of film camera photos taken by a group of children living in remote areas, at its Gallery Zone from tomorrow to SundayJan 14-17, 9am to 9pm.

Held under the theme "Innovation And Relationship With Surrounding Objects", the exhibition will feature a selection of 36 photos that portray the stories of 25 students with different aspects of life, religion, education and geography.

This photography project was initiated by a small group of people led by a freelance photographer who share a mission to teach photography to children in remote areas. They selected students from Pathom 1 to Mattayom 3 levels from two small schools -- 17 from Irshad School in Phatthalung and eight from Wat Ladkrabang School in the suburbs of Bangkok.

They conducted activities to promote creativity thinking, provided to each student a film camera and a basic photo-taking course, and selected their works for showcase in Bangkok.

The exhibition focuses on the notion of innovation, which is the creation of things, processes or services that bring solutions and enrich our lives. It plays an important role for individuals, communities, society and cultures.

For this project, the 25 students were encouraged to revisit the importance of small objects around them and portray their stories through pictures.

The exhibition aims to raise 50,000 baht through crowd-funding for the construction of a football field for Irshad School. Donations can be made via

Yelo House is located on Kasemsan 1, Rama I Road. There is no admission fee. Visit