Fantastic plastic fashion

Photos courtesy of Indorama Ventures

Each year, Indorama Ventures collects used PET plastic bottles for its recycling process.

They are transformed into tonnes of recycled plastic pellets and synthetic fibres for the production of packaging and clothes.

The leading petrochemicals producer annually hosts the "RECO Young Designer Competition", which aims to raise awareness on how PET and polyester waste can be used to create inspiring designs in cultivating sustainable fashion.

The competition always brings surprises because the clothes are ingeniously created with fabric made from recycled PET bottles as well as various other recycled materials.

Shortlisted candidates attend eco-design workshops that equip them with skills and knowledge for practical execution. The selected finalists then apply what they learned to produce an upcycled-design collection.

Indorama Ventures recently announced finalists of the RECO Young Designer Competition 2020 themed "Revive: Start From The Street", which reinforces how trash can creatively be turned into practical designs for use in daily life.

The 11 finalists include Worameth Monthanom and Silpakorn University student Thanakorn Srithong, who deem their work a piece of art featuring a garbage print, polyester fabric derived from the recycled PET bottles, and embroidery made from used X-ray films.

Used safety belts and car seat covers along with materials made from PET bottles are used in eclectic designs by Bangkok University student Sarin Saowapakprayun, who drew inspiration from kimonos used in nogaku -- a form of traditional Japanese dance-drama.

Sorawuth Pokang previously worked with used camera film to play with light and shadows in adapting the visual techniques to create ready-to-wear outfits. For this competition, he gained experience in using fabric made from recycled PET bottles.

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