Exploring the concept of home through a different lens

My House is My Home exhibition. (Photo courtesy of Baan Tuek Art Center)

Baan Tuek Art Center in Chiang Mai presents "My House Is My Home", a solo exhibition by Dutch artist Lonneke Jonker who will take viewers on a journey to explore their own definition of "home", until Feb 28.

Featuring various mediums, including video, performance, painting and installation, the show is part of her master's thesis on "Reflection Of The Inside On The Outside And The Outside On The Inside" where she explores the concept of a house and how or if it becomes a home.

While pursuing her bachelor's degree in fine art back in the Netherlands, Jonker specialised in themes of public and private space. Her artwork after graduation was primarily concerned with public space, public rituals, and social issues. When she began her master's studies in the same field at Chiang Mai University, she shifted her focus from public to private experiences, rituals and spaces, while not neglecting the importance of understanding how public elements relate to private ones.

Her personal experiences in the Dutch squatting subculture have given her a unique insight into the nature of public and private space and have been a significant part of her research for this exhibition.

According to the former Dutch squatting law, only three things are needed in the eyes of the government to turn an empty house into your home -- a bed, a chair, and a table.

She assumes that this was the Dutch government's definition of "home" and wants to tell the stories of the places the Dutch people once called home.

The exhibition is open for public viewing from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm. There is no admission fee.

Visit facebook.com/baantuekartcenter.

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