Actor Pairoj Jaisingha dies aged 78

Actor Pairoj Jaisingha (centre) poses for photos with his family in an undated picture posted on his Facebook account.

Actor Pairoj Jaisingha has died after battling multiple illnesses. He was 78.

Pairoj died at his house about 4am on Monday.

"You are everything for me. I still cannot cope with what happened," his daughter Chanyapat wrote on her Facebook page. "I love you and I do believe you feel that too, forever."

Pairoj was born on Sept 15, 1943 in Uttaradit. He was a teacher before entering the movie industry in 1971, making his debut as lead actor in "Duang", a famous movie directed by Piak Poster.

He suffered a stroke in 2013, followed by multiple illnesses.

He and his wife Chotiros have nine sons and daughters. One of them is Kritsada, a popular  indy musician.

Actor Pairoj Jaisingha in a photo dated 2014, from his Facebook page.

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