New exhibition explores the meaning of home

An acrylic on canvas by Rungruang Sittirerk. Photo courtesy of Richard Koh Projects

Stories of displaced people in urban areas are reflected in artwork by Rungruang Sittirerk during "In The Dream I Look Out To See Only The Stars" at Richard Koh Projects, until March 31.

On display are charcoal drawings on paper, acrylic on canvas and steel and terracotta sculptures inspired by the artist's interest in how people move and migrate.

Influenced by narratives from the provinces he moved to when he was young and his own personal experience with parents who became labourers, his works take on modern capitalism and globalisation.

He portrays people of the working class, using landscapes reminiscent of urban places and memories. The greyscale and warm tones in the artwork offer a melancholic mood with a sense of yearning.

However, the artist is also motivated by a phrase from the Star Trek: Discovery series which says: "We are all from somewhere, we always bring that place along, a place of hope. Everywhere you go and it never fades from our heart entirely." As a result, he encourages viewers to think about what their lives could become with strength and to always have courage no matter where they are living -- in a city or countryside. Richard Koh Projects is a pop-up travelling art space located on the 3rd floor of N22 Art Warehouse, Narathiwat Ratchanakharin 22. The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Visit or call 02-037-6944.

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