Journey with a girl at Jam Factory exhibition

This will be a relaxing month at The Jam Factory Gallery, which is hosting "Blooming Home" until April 25.

This is a solo exhibition about a girl's journey by Khontarat Techatrisorn, a 26-year-old freelance artist whose passion for painting started at a very young age.

Most of her works are products of her imagination and feelings. She often begins with a quick outline and adds details later little by little. Sometimes she does not even know how the finished work will look.

However, the most recognisable characteristic of her art is the use of vibrant colours for flowers, meadows, skies and brush strokes. The works also feature trivial and simple matters in vivid hues with emphasis placed on the artist's emotions rather than depicting realism.

For her first exhibition, it is like an invitation to friends to come to visit her home and sit back, look around, and learn more about her as if she was working in the studio.

Blooming Day by Khontarat Techatrisorn. (Photo courtesy of The Jam Factory Gallery)

Khontarat is commonly known as "". The name was inspired by Pablo Picasso's famous quote, "Give me a museum and I'll fill it", which means someone should have granted him a museum so that he could occupy it with his works.

In the same sense, refers to her desire for more art exhibitions, so everyone can appreciate her work. It is also the brand name of her products that are popular with teenage girls.

The Jam Factory Gallery is on Charoen Nakhon Road and opens daily from 11am to 8pm (except during Songkran holidays).

There is no admission fee. Visit or call 02-861-0950.

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