Humorous zombies offer life lessons

An acrylic on linen by Preyawit Nilachulaka. (Photo courtesy of SAC Gallery)

Thai painter Preyawit Nilachulaka presents his comical viewpoint towards death during "I'll Be Back", which is running at Art Connection, 3rd floor of Rosewood Bangkok, until Aug 31.

On display is a new collection of acrylic paintings that interrogate humans' existence through the humorous depiction of zombie characters that know neither life nor death.

While a zombies' immortality renders their existence meaningless, their only flash of life is a brief moment during which they are able to choose their manner of death, or guide their body towards its death-adjacent state.

This series portrays several near-death situations that animate zombies' rather dull existences and allow them to reconnect with life -- as metaphors for our own aimless search for meaning. Viewers will get to embark on the same adventures as the artist's characters, following and participating in these escapades.

From his personal reflections on the meaning of death to the act of imagining multiple pathways leading to it, the exhibition sparks our sense of individuality and awareness of our singularity among other living beings.

Art Connection is a collaborative project between SAC Gallery and Rosewood Bangkok which aims to give Thai artists space to showcase their works to the eyes of local and foreign visitors. The hotel is on Phloenchit Road.

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