Celebrate Pride month with these shows

LGBTI characters have become more commonplace in the entertainment industry over the years and many of them are featured in fascinating movies and TV shows.

To mark Pride Month, Life has picked two shows from Asia with interesting LGBTI characters.

Bloom Into You. (Photo © NETFLIX)

Bloom Into You

Available on Netflix

Bloom Into You is a Japanese animation adoption of a yuri manga with the same title written by Nio Nakatani. The main character, Yuu Koito, a first-year high school girl, has always dreamed of her first love. When Touko Nanami, a second-year female student council member, confesses that she has feelings for Yuu, they begin a relationship even though Yuu feels nothing for Touko. The plot may sound like an ordinary romance story but Bloom Into You is more intriguing with several unique characters. Yuu gets close to Touko and is curious to find out what it is like to fall in love. However, Touko -- who seems to be the perfect student -- has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. Even if you are not a fan of the yuri genre, the well-written script and interesting character development means this a watch anyone can enjoy.

Color Rush. (Photo courtesy of Viu Thailand)

Color Rush

Available on VIU

Based on a South Korean fantasy novel with the same title, Color Rush is an eight-episode fantasy drama. In this series, Choi Yeon-woo (Yoo Jun) is a colour blind person who can see only shades of grey called "Mono". When "Mono" meets his soulmate or "Probe" and stays close, "Mono" starts seeing in colour like other people. At times, "Mono" feels obsessed with "Probe" because they want to see the world in colour. When "Mono" starts to have a conflict with "Probe", it risks escalating to violence and crime. One day, Yeon-woo transfers to an all-boys school where he meets Go Yoo-han (Han Hyun-jun). He too then begins to see colours. Color Rush has an interesting plot and there should be more episodes to explain details about Mono's crimes.

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