Learn Thai film history in online talk

(Photo courtesy of Film Archive)

The Film Archive is holding an online talk on the country's film history tomorrow at 7pm via Zoom.

"Nang Sao Suwan Or Chok Song Chan: A Historiographical Debate On The Country's First Feature Film" is the topic for the talk, which is being held to mark the premiere of Chok Song Chan (Double Luck) on July 30, 1927.

It was hailed as Thailand's first feature film. However, there's confusion as many people believe that Nang Sao Suwan (Miss Suwan Of Siam) should be recognised as such because it hit theatres in 1923.

The speakers include leading experts from the Thai Film Archive -- Dom Sukwong, Chalida Uabumrungji and Putthapong Cheamrattonyu. Acting as moderator will be Assist Prof Palita Chunsaengchan, a lecturer on Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Minnesota.

They will discuss the confusion over how to define Thailand's first feature film, what the condition of being a Thai movie is, and how "being the first movie" is important for the study of film history.

Nang Sao Suwan is a 1923 drama directed by Canadian film director Henry MacRae and shot in Thailand with Thai actors in the cast. Meanwhile, Chok Song Chan is the first narrative feature produced by Thais, also featuring a Thai cast. It captures many facets of the country's cultural, social and political life through the 20th century.

The talk will be conducted in Thai. There is no fee but places are limited.

Prior registrations should be made at fapot.or.th/main/news/784.

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