Singer Ord Keereeboon dies aged 57

Ronnachai "Aod" Thomyapariwat, the lead singer of Keereeboon. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Famous singer Ord Keereeboon, one of the 80's teen idols, died on Saturday night after battling brain cancer. He was 57.

Ronnachai "Aod'' Thomyapariwat from Keereeboon died at 10.15pm, the Ord Keereeboon Fanclub said on the Facebook account on Sunday.

"Thank you Phi Aod and his family for everything they gave to us," his supporters wrote.

Sudhipong Vatanajang, one of his close friends who is known as Chompu Fruity, said on his Facebook account that Ord died of brain cancer but he did not know when it was diagnosed.

Ord was the frontman of Keereeboon, one of the most popular bands in the 1980s. One of his signature songs is Ror Wan Chan Rak Ther (Waiting for the Day that I Love You).

Ror Wan Chan Rak Ther (Waiting for the Day that I Love You) by Ord Keereeboon

He operated Keereeboon Genius Music School with melodic cirruculum to make kids better players and learners before he died.

He was survived by his wife and daughter.

The country lost two famous singers in two days. 

Legendary luk thung and mor lam singer Pornsak Songsang collapsed at his house in Nong Bua Lam Phu province and died at a hospital on Friday night. He was 60.

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