Artist explores old tales in new exhibition

The hidden accounts within familiar tales, myths and bedtime stories are portrayed through art during "Once Upon A Time", which will take place at Number 1 Gallery from Saturday to Dec 25.

Knights Of The Round Table, 2021 by Boonhlue Yangsauy. (Photo courtesy of Number 1 Gallery)

This is a solo exhibition by Boonhlue Yangsauy, who has brought up issues about power, social class, religion and particular beliefs from those stories and presented them through symbolic figures of humans, creatures and objects on his oil paintings.

Even though bedtime stories for kids are fun and exciting, they contain some unreasonable logic. They have often been used as an effective tool to build certain attitudes towards society among children.

One of his works is inspired by Knights Of The Round Table, a legend about the best knights under a legendary British king that first appeared in literature in the 12th century.

It presents an image of warriors full of abilities as well as miraculous narratives to justify rule while, in fact, we can never know how capable they really were.

However, the legend reminds us of another fact that if those warriors were deprived of abilities, weapons and power, this might have consequently led to something beyond our expectation.

In this exhibition, the artist presents other stories that will make viewers wonder about their views and attitudes.

Boonhlue has exhibited locally and internationally, having participated in Art Expo Malaysia Plus in 2017, Art Central Hong Kong 2019, Art Expo Malaysia 2019 and Art Fair Philippines 2020.

Number 1 Gallery is on Silom 21 and opens Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Visit or call 02-630-2523.

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